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Full walkthrough of the OvO platformer. One of the only full walkthroughs I could find, all levels completed. (Not all coins or zero deaths but whatever) nicely edited so there isn’t a browser in the screen!
27 coins walkthrough:
Secret last two coins walkthrough:


  1. For the last level you can just jump to the left

  2. I'm also needing all coins so maybe if you can, will you make a walkthrough with all coins?

  3. For some reason, I keep getting stuck on the wall, and I can’t move. I think this is a bug or glitch

  4. I finally made the all coin walkthrough (at least what I think is all of the coins) you all should check it out! I was more efficient on some levels and included a few more shortcuts.

  5. For level 40 jump to the left and u beat the game😃😃

  6. I beat the game and got all coins but for some reason I can’t get the purified achievement.

  7. I’m calling hacks on level 12 couse I’ve tried for hours no matter what you do without hacking the character wont jump off the wall and slide threw the hole so i call cheating

  8. Who else plays this in school when the teacher is not looking 👀

  9. I can’t believe it’s just a cool math game but I speedier this lmao, have a 9:00 run rn and it’s fun af

  10. I like how you can pretty much cheese level 22 and 23

  11. 1:21 slide into the strong one then jump it will launch you farther than dive into the wall

  12. i need yelp on level 12 (at the end specifically)

  13. Im the best ovo player in my school from raw skill (im an ovo speedrunner at the age of 11)

  14. Theres this glitch where if you try and wall jump your head will get stuck in the wall and indefinantly jump up said wall, making level 17 FUCKING UNDOABLE

  15. Lots of respect for the small channels who make these kinds of walkthroughs. Thank you.

  16. How do I play this on mobile? It is not on the app store

  17. on level 16 you can just jump of the side and land on the floor then the flag will be right infront of you

  18. On the final level you can dive jump to the left and run to the flag!

  19. Not sure if you know, but OvO has been updated a lot. It is now on version 1.4.2, with a total of 52 levels! This means that this is somewhat outdated, and I would love to see you make another one!

  20. wow how are you soooooooooooooooooo good at this I am your favorite YouTuber

  21. Yooo this is pog. Mind making one for the 1.4.3 version of the game?

  22. For level ten you can slide into the strong jumper and skip normal weak jumpers

  23. I can't pass level 19 it's kinda hard but im trying I still can't do pls how

  24. Literally my whole grade plays this in school when the teacher aren’t looking. Plus we never finish our work.😂😂😂

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