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OvO – segmented any% glitches speedrun – Cool Math Games

JMG with Fellas
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We actually make Cool math game vidya??????


  1. Anyone gonna talk about how he did this ON AN IPAD??

  2. update: I am aware levels 26 and 39 can be optimized, level 26 i only got that specific no clip glitch 3 times ever and that was the best time I did it in, and after I uplodaded the vid I realized you can ground pound on level 39 to beat it in ~5 seconds compared to 9. Also this isnt an "official world record attempt" speedrun, its just my pb on each level spliced together

  3. on laptop tho i have 10 54without short cuts

  4. Great job but not quite optimized level 6 can be beaten in 7 seconds with good movement and 11 can be beaten faster if you fall to the ground run into the wall and then quickly tap the left direction then you can activate the glitch quicker

  5. I found a weird shortcut, similar to the one in level 13, in level 19. At the bit with the bouncer trap (under the flag) I jumped on the bouncer and just before I hit the spikes I think I dived or something, and I somehow touched the flag through the spikes and wall. I was playing in easy mode, so I am not sure if you can perform it in hard mode.

  6. If you want to submit each IL you can. But you can't submit it as any% full run since is segmented

  7. This game needs to be more popular to run honestly I have like 3 wr’s and it’s only cause no one else submits runs

  8. Yikes only 5 seconds on lvl 9 🤣🤣, I get 4, also 24 can be completed fully optimized at 9 seconds

  9. When the teacher gives you 10 minutes of free time

  10. anyone else notice how slow the timer is from as usually but idk bc i play it on my laptop im gonna try it on my phone

  11. OvO speedrunner here and I just want to say that there are unsegmented runs faster than this now and if you want to see an insanely optimized segmented run of OvO then check out BRANGA’s video which includes the best individual levels in the entire community. If you want to know more join the OvO speedrunning community discord.
    BRANGA’s vid: https://youtu.be/lIMrJsJaDpA

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/bZRdJFw

  12. If you are stuck on a level go on credits and tap on the spinning thing a few times go on your levels and all levels will be unlocked.

  13. Where is this guy flying to, Vegas?

    (guys, he is on airplane mode)

  14. I was so proud of my 24 min time. After watching this i wanna kill myself

  15. All listed time saves.
    1. Mega jump in 1,2, 4, and like most of the levels.
    How to do: ground pound, hold left or right, and slide your finger from the up to the down.
    2. On level 7, dive right before the wall jumps, which increases your momentum by a huge chunk, which allows you to wall jump super fast.
    3. On level 11, mega jump to wall and wall clip by facing the wall like you are about to wall jump, but quickly turning in the other direction, press up a few frames later.
    4. On level 16, instead of ground pounding on the edge, move to the middle and don't ground pound, since ground pounding saves no time.
    5. On level 17, jump over the edge and roof clip(by diving and then ground pounding)
    6. On level 24, while jumping over the spikes at the bottom, and roof clip
    7. On level 27, wall clip after you go above the level, then go to the very right, slide down, and roof clip.
    8. On level 29, mega jump twice, wall clip, and done, don't go on the platform thingy.
    9. On level 30, glitch through wall, wall clip, mega jump to the side, wall clip again, go to the very right, drop down.
    10. On level 31, mega jump, wall clip, slide and jump through red hesh.
    11. On level 33, drop down and when you are almost there, dive, then you will glitch through and get an easy time save.
    12. On level 34, after you hit the first two checkpoints, ground pound down, dive, and ground pound again, glitching you through.
    13. On level 36, go to the second spike crusher, go right next to it, and right when it's about to go up, press jump and tap right. This will glitch you to the almost end.

  16. Can someone help me with level 27? I keep getting my head stuck in the wall and I can’t jump to the other side when I need to

  17. You got some skill mate. You are welcome to join the official ovo speed running discord. Link is on speedrun.com. Hope to see you there

  18. You can tell how long this took look at how quick the charging went up

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