Parking Lot Puzzle || Maths Puzzle 👉 Math Game Puzzle | cool math games -

Parking Lot Puzzle || Maths Puzzle 👉 Math Game Puzzle | cool math games

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A Parking lot Contains 160 Vehicles.
Each Vehicle is either a truck or a car, and each vehicle is either red or green.
70 vehicles are red, and 120 vehicles are cars.
there are 18 green trucks,
Puzzle : how many red cars are there?

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  1. I feel soooo very smart now. I looked at the problem and started subtracting and found the answer in seconds. I think I was just lucky.

  2. 9k subs left to for face cam as per your promise..

    Congo for 11k
    Pls reply fast otherwise it will turn to 12k

  3. i have one easy way-
    total no. of vehicles is 160 out of which 70 are red so green vehicles are 90. no of green trucks is 18 so green cars are 72.
    total no. of cars is 120 so no of red cars is 120-72=48

  4. 160 vehicles. 120 cars so 40 trucks…18 are green so 22 are red trucks. Since 70 vehicles are red, there must be 48 red cars. This is an easier than average SAT math question!

  5. I am surprised that I myself answered this sum in mere sec.s

  6. I like ur puzzle. Plz tell me which software u use to make this type of videos. Tell me plz

  7. We make such tables while solving statistics….called as contingency table…where we need to analyse tTrue POsitive, True negative, False positive and False negative values….nice puzzle

  8. My approach was a straightforward way without laying out the equations beforehand (since the title says don't use pen and paper, and I would need pen and paper to keep track of multiple equations).

    There are 160 vehicles and we are looking for how many red cars, so, since we know the number of green trucks, that amount can be removed immediately (as that is the one category with no overlapping similarities with red cars). With green trucks out of the question, we can find how many red trucks there are by subtracting the number of cars from our new vehicle total. Finally, we just subtract the number of red trucks from total red vehicles to get the number of red cars, as illustrated below.

    160-18=142 ; 142-120=22 ; 70-22=48

  9. Lol people in comment section explaining such an easy problem thinking they are genius.

  10. What logic is here?!!🤔

  11. We can use Venn diagram for solving the problem.

  12. I've solved this in less than one minute ☺️☺️☺️

  13. Man…I am always unable to solve your problem but this time I get it in one attempt

  14. Just draw the contingency table. Equivalent to your équations but much smarter.

  15. It's pretty simple to solve compared to other riddles using subtraction

  16. I got the wrong answer of 50
    70 vehicles are red
    And 120 vehicles are cars
    120-70 = 50
    So there are 50 red cars

    I don’t know how people were able to solve it easily 😭😭😭😭😭

  17. The first puzzle I could actually do of yours!

  18. Where was the interview taken(only interview i can pass)!

  19. You know, not every puzzle has to be solved with equations.

    Out of 160 vehicles, 70 are red. So 90 are green.
    Out of the 90 green vehicles, 18 are green trucks. So there are 72 green cars.
    Out of the 120 cars, 72 are green. So there are 48 red cars (the answer 🙂 ).

  20. I made a diagram. In trying to solve problems like this, I think it better to use a diagram if it will help you. Frustration will tend to drive you away which I think is counter-productive.

    Best viewed in a non-proportional font:

    | red | green
    | (1) | (2)
    cars (3) | (4) | (5)
    trucks (6) | (7) | (8)

    From the premises, we have (1) = 70, (3) = 120, (8) = 18.

    Since there are 160 vehicles, (2) = 90, (6) = 40.

    It follows that (7) = 22 and from that (4) = 48. (5), BTW, = 72.

    | red | green
    | 70 | 90
    cars 120 | 48 | 72
    trucks 40 | 22 | 18

    There are 48 red cars.

    This is not a very complicated problem, and so it would be great for introducing these sorts of problems.

    I just discovered your channel and am enjoying it.

  21. Since 40 vehicles (160 -120) are truck and 18 trucks are green ,then 22 trucks are red. And since 70 vehicles are red and 22 trucks are red then 48 non-trucks are red and since there are only cars and trucks then 48 cars are red. 48 Answer.

  22. Easy approach:- there are 160 cars in which 120 are cars that means 40 are trucks and it is given that 18 trucks are green it means 22 trucks are red total 70 vehicle are red in which 22 are truck so we left with 70-22=48 which are cars

  23. I did it in this way
    Total trucks(40)-green trucks(18)=Red trucks(22)
    Total red vehicles(70)-red trucks(22)=Red cars(48)

    I know I'm late. But i found ur channel few days ago. So i watch all videos n try to solve it. But most of the time i fail. But love to do it

  24. I first add 70 and 120 which is 190.Then I subtract 18 from 160 which is 142.Then I subtract 142 from 190 to get 48

  25. My approach is watching the question and also watching the answer .

  26. 1. 160 vehicles – 120 cars – 18 green trucks = 22 red trucks.
    2. 70 red vehicles – 22 red trucks = 48 red cars.

  27. A puzzle is too easy if you don't even have to take notes…
    But it makes me feel smarter than I am. 😉

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