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PE Games – Math In Action

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This PE Game is one of many quick and easy physical education games that teachers can use in their own PE class. Physedgames provides physical educators with video lessons on various PE activities, sports, basketball, volleyball, baseball, fitness, soccer, hockey, football, badminton, LOGs, dodgeball, warm-ups, tag, creative, teamwork, in the gym, outside, and more. From Kindergarten PE ideas all the way up to grade 8 (many activities could also be used in highschool as well) – it’s all about the best games for exercise, skills, activities, games, learning, fitness, and FUN. Simple games in just minutes – thanks for watching, hope you enjoy, please don’t forget to subscribe, we appreciate all the support through the years and will continue to post tried, tested, and proven activities!


  1. @spudbutt33You could have all players do which ever excercise for the alotted count and then just add all the points at the end.

  2. I agree with spudbutt – great game to integrate Common Core into PE, but too much standing around. I would do two games at the same time with four teams, each on one half of the gym. One team on each baseline and another team with backs facing each other at halfcourt. Give each team a set of cones, teacher stands on side at halfcourt and calls out problem. Kids with batons run out to touch the cone. At the same time the kids w/o the baton do an exercise for the same number of times as the answer. For example if the problem was 6-3, the kids with the baton would run to cone three while the kids w/o the baton do three simple exercises (jumping jacks, burpees, sit-ups, etc) The teacher can state the exercise before the math problem. This way has all the kids doing the math problem in their head and also have everyone getting exercise on every problem.

    You could also do it the above way with one big team, but having two teams playing at the same time, gives kids more chances to run out and touch the cone.

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