Play Prodigy Math Game! Getting Started S1E1 -

Play Prodigy Math Game! Getting Started S1E1

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Prodigy! This is the first video showing you how to start off on the greatest math adventure ever! Come back and join me as I add videos targeting specific skills across multiple grade levels. I can’t wait to share the adventure with you!

Start your prodigy adventure at: !

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  1. If you think about it, its kinda like Pokemon

  2. I’m lvl 100 when I finish firefly titan at lvl 91 idk how

  3. Good job! Keep entertaining the kids(Also my son is a big fan and watches all your videos he wants to be friends with you on prodigy!)

  4. I’m Cony sister and this video is s good

  5. For me the numbers thing doesn't open at all!

  6. class code is what I am stuck on and now I realized that you have to be on a teachers acc XD

  7. Nice video. I'm trying to learn how I could pick a particular topic to assign that to the students. For example, can I pick GCF and LCM to somehow make the students solve these types of questions? Thanks

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