Play This Game or DIE! | Coolmath Games ARG -

Play This Game or DIE! | Coolmath Games ARG

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This episode’s been a long time coming… we’re going into the Cool Math Games ARG and finding the LORE! Today, we have Amy, the Creative Director of Style Theory, on the couch with us to solve these puzzles and crack open the secrets of this nostalgic website. Get ready, loyal Theorists. We’ve got some gaming to do.

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
10:33 – the birthplace of all true gamers
40:23 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. 33:09 Me yelling the word Monster at the screen as if that'll do anything 💀

  2. Wait I had no idea using shift was the standart for typing. I did like Mat and just saw Caps Lock and rolled with it
    I am not changing how I type tho, I'm in way too deep

  3. Day 11 of recommending YTTD (I know I'm late)

    YTTD is a horror adventure game that I know you would enjoy and it would fit the channel. You might be a little uneasy playing a game you haven't heard of so I will try to aleveate that worry. You see, the youtubers Manlybadasshero and Bijuu Mike already played the game with moderate success where views are concerned so it shouldn't be that big of a gamble for you to play it on GTLive as well.

  4. I also use caps lock to capitalise

    Also CoolMathGames, the game of in school pass time and my childhood

  5. New video to watch at 4 am on a school day 🙂

  6. The moment I realized Matt didn’t know what cmg was was soul crushing. I’m glad though that this childhood site got a video.

  7. The only times I ever use shift for capital letters is on a phone where there is no caps lock.
    Before today, I never even considered the fact that people found it weird to use caps lock for capital letters. That's all the button is for.

  8. Another cool ARG game is 98XX. Just saw Jacksepticeye play it and it's totally up GTLive alley!!!

  9. don't worry matpat i also use CAPS LOCK

  10. Danm ash can write 500 words in 5 muinest :O NOT FAIR

  11. So who else types their passwords to whatever tune they have in their heads?

  12. Great time.
    May I request you and Stephe play BOKURO? Have feeling that will be great time too.

  13. One of my coworkers uses capslock for capitals and everyone thinks shes weird 😅

  14. When matpat said he uses the caps lock key to capitalize one letter my brain was like "I thought I was the only one!!!"

  15. Math blaster!!!! The story was cliche but i enjoyed that very much

  16. I use cap locks don’t worry ur not alone mat pat ur not alone

  17. I use caps lock! My family thinks I’m so weird

  18. play 98xx on steam, just watched jack play it and man it is interesting

  19. I’ve already said this once and I don’t wanna be one of those people, but you guys should totally play through the Oxen Free series! It’s a horror-ish game and it’s super super cool! It’s a really unique kind of game as far as the storyline goes and there’s also a second one that came out a little while ago

  20. En mi escuela nos enseñaron mecanografía, así que tecleo con los diez de dedos.

  21. Sorry mp but I already did it dose a dance (dont do it)

  22. If you go to the cool math game’s channel and go to the official trailer you can see the monster from the first ending with a boy wearing a hat floating away with balloons.

  23. It baffles me that Matt has never used CoolmathGames before. Next GT Live is MatPat plays Papa's pizzeria (and associates)


  25. My husband does the capslock thing so you are not alone

  26. bro cool math game was my childhood until they blocked it in like 8th grade 🙁

  27. I would love to see Stephanie and Mat playing fire boy and water girl. ❤

  28. I wld like to come out and say that I also caps lock then un-caps lock at the start of every sentence. I'm with you mat 💛

  29. I have considered using capslock for capitalization when typing.

  30. Ash is suprisingly Lawful Neutral, Ash is Chaotic Evil, and Mat is Lawful Evil 🤣

  31. I also use the Caps Lock key to type in capital letters. I’ve always preferred it. Always done that without thinking. I feel I have a lot more control doing that than needing to hold down the shift key the whole time. I’m with MatPat on that.

  32. Matpat has to play rain world, there’s so much science behind the biology of the creatures and the physics of the movement system, even if you don’t know what it is, copy paste or like so matpat can see pls 🙂

  33. This brings back so many elementary memories of playing the kiddy version!!!! I remember the sadness of seeing the balloons pop every time you guessed wrong and how bad I felt when the little stickman boy got eaten by the monster with his hat that fell off right in front of it 😭

  34. Guys next time I think we get the book I'm so excited!

  35. Funny thing is that Matpat brought up the Catcher in the Rye and i was just finishing up my questions for school about Catcher in the Rye.

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