Prodigy be like... | Prodigy Math Game -

Prodigy be like… | Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Prince
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  1. I’m not trying to flex but haveing members wish cool

  2. I used to hack in prodigy. You get everything in the game plus you hit 4 million damage and you can turn on no math

  3. 👇Prodigy should let players rescue evolved pets again

  4. Pokémon + Final fantasy + Webkinz + Math = this


  6. The same exact thing happened to me and I really don't like the way new things look like a few years ago everything was good the characters and pets looked so good and everything was free and fun but now prodigy is just a meh

  7. it used to be a fun kids game to learn math but now they are forcing kids to buy premium items,i still play it sometimes

  8. Oh look a Luminex! Lemme ju-PRODIGY MEMBERSHIP MAKES MATH MORE FUN!

  9. I had a membership but it was too expensive so i canceled the first month

  10. so true! btw I know how to get free prodigy membership if anyone wants it

  11. So you see 🙈 never bully people before walking into their shoe

    Why did u scroll down

  12. I feel like everything has to have a membersip now

    want evoled pets gang


  13. Prodigy: “you can get free mythical‘s now by taming them by getting something” Me: “ crikey I can’t believe it

  14. I just got the membership like 2 secs ago!

  15. That’s me at school

  16. I just want to shot my self when that happens

  17. I didn’t even pay for membership I used hacks look at my shorts and you will see I still haven’t made a tut on how to do it tho

  18. I love this game but when it added member OMG I HATE WHEN IT ADDED THAT

  19. Lmao I love how they couldn’t be bothered to change the old sprite on the “Rescue more pets” feature

  20. 🌸 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 🌸 says:

    Membership for a math game dang :/
    Too pricy as well

  21. I hadn't played prodigy in years but i remember i needed membership for almost everything and this is just relatable

  22. I have it and I kinda feel bad for other players

  23. like everywhere you go you try to rescue a pet
    ''you have to be a member'' like bruh

  24. At this point prodigy is money hungry
    You can’t complete one mission without becoming a member

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