Prodigy Math Game: FRIENDS UPDATE! Best Update Yet!!! -

Prodigy Math Game: FRIENDS UPDATE! Best Update Yet!!!

Camden Bell
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  1. The button for adding friends is not showing up on our student's prodigy. Anyone know a solution? Thank you!

  2. Can I be your friend? I'm in Waterscape

  3. I'm at barnacle cove I'm Mario clear runner

  4. I don't think this is a huge update. But everyone is different! I'm waiting for more festivals! Great vid!

  5. I'm also level 65 on prodigy and I have 640 hearts also my name on prodigy is Albert swiftpetal

  6. i am level 63 in prodigy and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz friend me

  7. I play prodigy my wizard name is emmamoonheart

  8. Camden you seem nice can you help me this other YouTuber with like 3k subs keeps being mean to me and insulting me can you help me and can we talk or something

  9. 65!? wow I'm at level 92 my pets are level 91 and 89 or 88

  10. Guys how do I see players that I know

  11. And I can’t and it’s the same place

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