Prodigy Math Game - Intro Cut Scene -

Prodigy Math Game – Intro Cut Scene

Alvin Hew
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[DISCLAIMER] This intro cut scene is no longer used in the game.

This was an intro cut scene for the educational online math game, Prodigy. I was responsible for creating the illustrations and overlay images.


  1. I want to go back to 2017 when it was olds

  2. This was introduced in version 1.11.0

  3. why is the editing realistic though like, I started in 2018 with a different intro cutscene

  4. I had been playing prodigy since like really late 2018? Really early 2019??? I don’t remember exactly when, I believe really early 2019This is kinda cool ngl

  5. Alvin, Planes here, you still do some really beautiful things man you always impressed me.

  6. I just started prodigy a few months ago and thats what s the accdime looks like

  7. Did you know 2 weeks the academy will open its gonna be the new update

  8. I’m now wondering what the “third” thing was. I also want to know the Puppet Master’s back story and learn more about him.

  9. i am level 84. Level 100 is a PRODIGY, right ?

  10. Wow I started playing prodigy on 2016. Good ol days. Perfect for throwback Thursday or flashback Friday

  11. Am I the only person who thinks the narrator sounds like Bok

  12. ShawnC32andShawnC362YesP4NDAGIRL Z NO says:


  13. How I miss the old Prodigy… I remember when I watched this for the first time when our teacher introduced Prodigy to our classroom.

  14. Club Penguin + JRPG = This. And it's actually kind of fun, even if you need to pay to gain access to the evolutionary levels.

  15. Is the guy in the prodigy logo the sixth warden (astral tower)?

  16. hey dude! i heard you worked on this game and i was wondering if this is still part of the plot? ive never seen these cut scenes as ive only been playing since early 2017. if you could reply that would be great!
    edit: i actually checked the game out again, i totally forgot the gemstones were called warden keystones!! and now that the academy is open, are the fairy like creatures the wardens now?

  17. The prodigy land is probly a Piece of floating land in the ark Survival Evolved universe

  18. I saw this seene when i started prodigy in 2011

  19. Hi there I've been playing this game ever since the beta days im happy that you can now finally enter the academy but theirs nothing really to do any more i dd everything to offer its now kinda boring because when i have free time at school theirs nothing really to do in this world even if im to old to play this im looking forward to finally finish this amazing math adventure.

  20. we all know we used a calculator in the search bar

  21. Why don't any of the wardens look like Florian or Gale?

  22. Hi, I have heard in the comments section that you used (or is still working) to work at prodigy and I am here to ask you a question, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    So the prodigy art style has changed over the years, the two most common styles I keep finding is the one from 2014 and the one now, but I also keep finding another art style that's rare. The style is more anime like than the others, the character molds (that I find) are full human height instead of the chibi like size in 2014 or now, then the style seems to be old than 2014 style, makes sense because prodigy first came out in 2011, right? Finally I tried looking into to see any more art work from 2011, but is getting low results. Finally one last thing, during my research one image keep appearing, the image had the prodigy logo with a wizard in a charge jumping position ready to attack a dragon.

    So here are my questions, the art style I was talking about (2011) was that real then forgotten or was it a prototype design? Also if this art style is real, why was it forgotten about? Finally about the picture with the prodigy logo in it, was that the original logo for the game?

    Sorry if this was too long but I'm just too curious about this.

  23. I miss this version of Prodigy. 😢 I want to go back to late 2016-early 2017.

  24. Ack brings me back to 2nd grade when I watched my bro play it and was bad at prodigy 🥺

  25. Aw I remember this, back when I was in, like, 1st grade

  26. I actually have an idea for a new intro cut scene in Prodigy, and also an epilogue thingy! For these, I usually have animated videos in mind. No narration, no subtitles, just beautiful animation.

    A battle with the Wardens and the Puppet Master(and Pippet) occurs. However, during the battle, the Astral Warden(the 6th Warden)gets killed by Puppet Master. The other 5 try to avenge the Astral Warden, but end up locked away in the towers one by one. At the beginning of the game, The Astral Warden has been reincarnated into the player and Noot knows about this which Is why Noot is with the player.
    Order of the Wardens that got locked away(which one got locked away first and last):
    1. The Earth Warden
    2. The Ice Warden
    3. The Fire Warden
    4. The Water Warden
    5. The Storm Warden

    When the Player finishes the game, the other 5 wardens appear since they heard something of a transformation. The Astral Warden is brought back to life because the player transformed into the Warden since the Warden’s Spirit took over. The 6 Wardens, Reunited, defeat the Puppet Master and Pippet for good and the player is asked if it wants to restart the game or not.

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