Prodigy Math Game | More *INSANE* Firefly Forest QUEST UPDATES!!! -

Prodigy Math Game | More *INSANE* Firefly Forest QUEST UPDATES!!!

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I go over the newest updated quests in Firefly Forest, where you now meet Florian, travel to Shiverchill Mountains to get a Shardic from Bok, and battle Pippet and a Forest Creator/Battlebot that have been conjured by the updated Puppet Master!

Original Firefly Forest new quests:

What do you think about these new quests? Do you like them better before? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Up to you want to do the vsycfnndhch up that's you want right now I think so too I will

  2. Awesome new quests they make me want to grind

  3. Why is Florian there that’s weird

  4. Prodigy should add a feature to re-do quests for gold and other rewards

  5. Idk if it’s in this video but the snowflakes and snowballs are probably there so you don’t doo shiverchill mountains quests before completing anything else

  6. Prodigy: gale hasn’t fixed the pedestal yet!
    Also gale: sitting around doing nothing in the halls
    Maybe that’s why the pedestals aren’t fixed

  7. Who else made a new prodigy account recently to see the updated storyline? 😅

  8. My mom has the flu but she’s okay

  9. I wonder what will change with the earth tower

  10. I didn't realise that Flora and Florian look alike and are siblings

  11. Can you make part 2 please and complete the whole quest

  12. Bro this video has 2.5K views and u uploaded it 3 days ago how is this possible

  13. Whew! Almost thought Bok remembered the hot chocolate I owe him!

  14. Hmm bro if Florian comes i Firefly forest im guessing we'll meet Ada in shiverchill
    These quests are super cool
    I love these new quests

  15. I was sqealing for a long time when I first saw this video 'cus Florian is my favorite character.

  16. Gale has been frozen in time. RIP Gale 2011-2023

  17. I knew shadow can't fully die! Without good, there's no evil. Without evil, there's no good.

  18. i love the new quests it gives you shardic one of my favorite ice pets and gives you fernscale armor i think prodigy might get popular.

  19. pippet was like "TIME TO BATTLE!"then he turns his back and dreamily says " he will be so pleased…"

  20. Can someone give me a membership my account is Bismarck b capital y 30 password

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