Prodigy Math Game | *NEW* Aquadile Animations! -

Prodigy Math Game | *NEW* Aquadile Animations!

Prodigy Math Game Player
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  1. I’d still be doing prodigy if I was good at school

  2. I used to do this when I was a kid

  3. Who likes the OG chill and char better


  4. This game sucks first reason every thing is member reason 2 you can’t catch those Pokémon

  5. I played that game at school but my teacher haded to delete prodigy

  6. I remember when prodigy used to actually be good

  7. Ngl man really spent his whole life getting to lvl 100 on prodigy
    So did I lvl 100 gang 👇

  8. aquadile is my favorite epic! too bad i dont have ultimate membership…

  9. Who else misses the old mythic pets that got replaced

  10. Oh, my God, I love prodigy. Prodigy is the best game you can find in the internet. Like you can feed the puppet master I did. I'm almost defeating the puppet master. I'm in level 69 I think but prodigy is the best game. And I already have those 2 monsters. If you can defeat monsters there. I love prodigy paradise the best almost a feeling of puppet master. The puppet master's really strongly

  11. o the pet left him i have when they do that

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