Prodigy Math Game | New Wizard Level Up Animation! -

Prodigy Math Game | New Wizard Level Up Animation!

Prodigy Math Game Player
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  1. Bro did the Winnie the poo griddy 💀💀💀💀

  2. Bro the old look is so much better and the puppet master looked more evil in the old


  4. I personally don’t like it, I have to be member to do more emotes, I wish we could pick a dance when we level up

  5. Looks pretty funny when you first see it

  6. It was kinda goofy when I was recording a video and saw that

  7. Prodigy is getting worse and worse and for being such a big fan of a game last year and now I already quit because of 3 reasons epic subspace plus harmony island getting removed, the new characters looks and the new battle mode. The old one was so much better

  8. I don’t have it…. But it’s prob because I’m a og player

  9. oml i saw this and i was like is that me because my avatar is actually like the exact same xD

  10. Bruhhhhhh literally everything in older prodigy was better 💀

  11. blud didnt understand his math and became another one of the puppet master’s mindless puppets☠️

    (your character looks soulless here lol)

  12. Thank you i did not know this😊 im new.

  13. this should be the new most popular video on this channel.

  14. Im Super Ivan in Prodigy and NOW im at level 89 (im a member)

  15. Prodigy is ruined, they even removed harmony island, like the best thing to do after beating the game

  16. When me and my friends saw the new graphics in fifth grade we screamed louder than a siren

  17. bro is hitting the sturdy.

  18. just put "it was a good day" by ice cube when the level up happens and you're good to go

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