Prodigy Math Game: (SHIVERCHILL MOUNTAINS) | Level 37 | Part 21 - Games For Childrens -

Prodigy Math Game: (SHIVERCHILL MOUNTAINS) | Level 37 | Part 21 – Games For Childrens

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Prodigy Math Game: (SHIVERCHILL MOUNTAINS) | Level 37


Game-based learning is a popular theme in education, especially digital games that take an adaptive approach to learning. Adaptation games are not only a great way to hire, but also a great way to personalize learning to meet the level and needs of each student skill.

There are some great adaptation games out there, and when used as a complementary teaching tool, they can have a profound impact on student learning.

A program that is doing a good job of gamifying math is prodigy math Game. Prodigy is a free, customizable math game that integrates 1st to 7th grade math in a fantasy style game that students absolutely love to play.

Math content is aligned and covers basic core, MAF, and TEKS study plans depending on their location. Prodigy is based on the game of learning and offers teachers with a powerful set of information and evaluation tools that allow them to easily identify conflict points, differentiate instruction, and better manage class time.

More than 1 million students and 50,000 teachers use prodigy for free math practice and it’s easy to see why.

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