Prodigy Math Game | The BEST PETS in Prodigy! (Non-Member) -

Prodigy Math Game | The BEST PETS in Prodigy! (Non-Member)

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I go over the best pet from each element in Prodigy! These are pets that non-Members can catch. They are based off of the pet’s power level, because in Prodigy power is generally preferred over hearts. These keys have the most power from each element.

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  1. Note: Apparently Terromite can’t be captured by non-Members, so you can just pretend I am talking about Ashlet!

  2. good vid as usual, all the pets are accurate

    EDIT: Whats the best combo right now? non-pvp

  3. Ok. You made a video about glass cannons.

  4. You Need a membership to rescue Terromites because it Is a Dino dug pet. I am not a member btw

  5. terromite you have to be a member

  6. Rukus is ugly.Use Arcticlaw instead

  7. Are you ever gonna upload more videos on your rickflix channel?

  8. I'd like to give my take on this video as I'd say I know my way around prodigy pvp.
    Applepot: I disagree with this quite a bit. In my tierlist I placed them at C (The second lowest tier) due to it's typing. It's outclassed as a suicide lead/glass canon by ashlet and the water one (forget their name), as fire is imo the best element, and it gets heavily countered by ashlet. Sure it counters water, but I'd say water is the worst so there's no real reason to run it. As for a replacement, Scally is good with a 7:3 and has good spell coverage.
    Rukus: Up in the air. Ice isn't the best in general when it comes to pets, so I can't really think of a non-member replacement.
    Ashlet: Yes
    Snoots: Agreed, it's the same as cloaker so I think you could've mentioned that.
    Gnawdy: ehhhh, that or flikfit. Up to personal preference.

  9. It not terromite it’s hotpot is non member plus it kills 4 elements which is op.

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