Prodigy Math Game | This Beta *Battle Update* is INSANE!!! -

Prodigy Math Game | This Beta *Battle Update* is INSANE!!!

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New accounts have the possibility of getting an update that changes everything we know about Prodigy! In this video, I go over the new Battle update, and try to break it down. I have a more in-depth video that I will be making, so keep watch for that!

What do you think about this insane new Battle update? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I got battle beta update in last year in December 30

  2. The physical spell from charfoal's spell book is called tread.

  3. to be honest im kinda happy that they added this update because I treated my pets unrated but now I have to use me team

  4. bro this is so insane

  5. This Is The First Video I've Ever Seen On Your Channel

  6. Does your main account have it or just that one?

  7. Looks like they're trying to make the game like prodigy english. The only thing I don't like is that the new element is powerful against Astral. I can't wait for the other updates!

  8. Can't the wizard also use the physical element? It would be funny to whack your wand or fists on your opponents.

  9. Be cool if you could affect poison or something on the opponent and it deals a little health to your opponent each round like pokemon

  10. I also noticed that the water neek was only weak to storm element spells, but in the past, water pets used to be weak to storm and plant.

  11. If I’m being honest I just like what we have right now and I don’t want it to change.

  12. but when i created a new account the new update wasn't here

  13. oh! now pets can do other spells that their element just like old prodigy!

  14. wait something is powerful against astral?!

  15. The excellent aim most likely means that it has a small chance of missing.

  16. Prodigy Diamond Man & Skyler Dog Vlogs says:

    This might make the game fun again

  17. i will create a new account, so that i can do all the good things all over again. i will still keep my old account

  18. Confusing. I have been waiting to see if the game would add an element powerful against astral. Good video and check out my channel too.

  19. and wow when you start you have very little helth just like in 2017

  20. You Could’ve Also Credited Me For This Because I Showed You That Video (No Offense)

  21. priceless vid, great work! im excited for this update, just cuz i'm bored of the old versions and want something new.

  22. I really like this update and I'm spamming new accounts to try to get this update too, it looks like a huge improvement from before and there won't be pets that have the exact same spells and stats

  23. I still don't like it how there can only be 2 pets on your team

  24. I will tell you 2 leaked pets name for real they are Black Ice Articlaw and Black Ice Frostfang. 😄

  25. to be honest, I like the original one better. This update confuses me

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