Prodigy Math Game | Where and How to CATCH a Luminex Pet in Prodigy. -

Prodigy Math Game | Where and How to CATCH a Luminex Pet in Prodigy.

Prodigy Queen
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Hi Guys,

Welcome to my channel. This video will show you WHERE and HOW to CATCH Luminex a Storm element pet in Prodigy.

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  1. I battle with it but I don’t get it.Someone can help me?

  2. I've had Luminex since I was lvl 20 lol
    And I'm level 57 now

  3. i had luminex i got it from down there too! before i wached the vid lol

  4. YAS QUEEN!! I actually Found a luminex! your so helpful!!thankyou😊💚❤️💙🖤💜💙

  5. lol can't stop laughing I have two Luminex as my pet yall are noobs

  6. I got Luminex! Thank you soo much for your video!

  7. I alrwady got that but the vid was good explaing i sub

  8. You deseve my sub… this was so helpful and i really thank you on making a tutorial i really wanter this pet and this helped out alot

  9. My friend had to do it 14 times in a row to get it XD

  10. I ran into one of These and turns out to catch it you have to be a MEMBER

  11. I have luminex I actually found two times The level is 62

  12. Lol right when i was watching this video i got a lumines

  13. can you please make a video about how to become a epic owner?

  14. I got the luminex before i got membership so couldn't rescue had too defeat it 😥

  15. Already got it I got that wolf and I’m so happy😆

    even though I am weak

  17. Hi i love your videos i will use hacks and get all pets

  18. I have tidus and eclispe and chill&char

  19. Thank you so much!!!! I’ve been looking for luminex and stronger pets to beat my class 😊
    (Edit: i found luminex!!!!!!!!!!)

  20. Aww ur voice is so cute! Ty for the tutorial 😀

  21. atleast she finds pets in the archives me on level 49 finding no pets in the archives

  22. "Where and how to cath the Luminex!"
    Me, how already has it: Why am I watching this noob, she's just being, well, a noob.

  23. Lumenex is my friends dream pet and I am teaching her how to get it with the luminet

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