Roblox is gonna collab with cool math games...? -

Roblox is gonna collab with cool math games…?

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so a couple days ago the official cool math games twitter account tweeted a quick hello and tagged the roblox twitter account… most of the roblox community saw that and began saying they wanna see a crossover between roblox and cool maths games, and cool math games themselves said they would also like to see a collab
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  1. What is happening to my brain?Chloe is not playing arsenal my brain can’t comprehend this.I CANT PLAY COOL MATHS GAME DUE TO THE MESS IN MY BRAIN!

  2. Introducing: drumroll please Cool Roblox Games!


  4. oh my god chloe isnt playing arSENAL WHAT ON EARTH IS OGINGK ON P0LEASDRPE GHELP ME

  5. I hope we get the skater shoes for the event from Run.

  6. Well kenkokitten wears a coolmathgames shirt

  7. I played so many games on that website also I was like the second person to show my friends clicker heroes( I was on level or island 350 and lost all my progress fs in my head) and I was like the best player for learn to fly idle because my friends played it for what 4 months at school and home while I play it for 3 months at school and beat them because I knew some tricks on the game I also glitch duck life 3 so I finish all of the races on the first level then for some reason I went to the last race and my stat were all max level I was like wtf

  8. i dont want it stop it from coming and coolmathgames is not blocked at school because it says math in the name so they are like huh looks legit lets not block it because it says math

  9. I remember playing Papa Louies restaurant games int he Papa Louies series in coolmath games at like 4 years old.

  10. I am having a hard time knowing this gender

  11. oh my god chloe isn't playing arSENAL WHAT ON EARTH IS OGINGK ON P0LEASDE GHEKO

  12. chloe: coolmath and roblox making a collab
    konekokitten wearing coolmath hoodie: I love it

  13. Is there any way I can reach her apart from discord?

  14. Cool math games is my childhood I started playing their games when I was 5 (my fav games was truck loader 4 and fire boy and water girl)

    I discovered this website in 2014

    Like if cool math was ur child hood too

  15. oh my god chloe isn't playing arSENAL WHAT ON EARTH IS OGINGK ON P0LEASDE GHELP ME

  16. dislikes are from coolmath haters and people who dont like chloe not playing arsenal

  17. Pink Kool aid gonna have to get a mascot and the voice has to be Chloe

  18. If. Roblox. Refuses. To. This. Amazing. Offer. I. Swear. To. God. I'm. Done.

  19. Kinda worried when chrome doesn't support flash anymore

  20. Am I the only one who doesn’t know who or what Coolmath Games right now—

  21. well obviously im gonna like before i finish the video! everyone must play cool math games!

  22. I love the run series, its so awesome and when i started playing run 3 (sometimes called run 4 since theres some weird baby rip off game that people think is a part of the series) i fell in love and i just aifvaifbr

  23. -_- Roblox have BILLIONS PLAYER
    so they will not collab

  24. oh my god chloe isn't playing arSENAL WHAT ON EARTH IS OGINGK ON P0LEASDE GHELP ME

  25. It feels like she is speaking slowly for reasons I don't know about

  26. The good old daya when I was a kid, back when I was in third grade and spent all my linch time playing cool math games

  27. oh my god chloe isn't play arSENAL WHAT ON EARTH IS OGINGK ON P0LEASDE GHELP ME

  28. oh my god chloe isn’t playing arSENAL WHAT ON EARTH IS OGINGK ON POLEASDE GHELP ME

    yes this is the comment example from the video
    I wrote this before I saw Cxr_Enthusiast’s comment pls no hate ;-;

  29. I remember when my school blocked coolmathsgames, but then it got unblocked after they found we all found away to bypass it.

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