Scratch Tutorial | Math Game | Part 2 | How to make a math game on scratch -

Scratch Tutorial | Math Game | Part 2 | How to make a math game on scratch

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This is part 2 of the Math Game tutorial. In this video, we will be working on Subtraction and Multiplication buttons.
Scratch Project:

Today we are working on this “Math Game”. The players can choose a type of operation they would like to play, and the cat will ask the math questions for the player to answer.

We will be learning these following concepts in scratch
– Variables
– Custom Blocks
– Broadcast messages
– Loops
– Operator Blocks


  1. thanks for helping ,me with coding I started 1.5 years ago

  2. when will you upload part-3 of this game??

  3. why it is reapeting the question
    please send in comment section

  4. hello …where is the code for the "quit"sprite?
    thank you

  5. They are not working and reapeting the same question

  6. My sister was also doing it with me it was very cool! Why was there so much Coding?!

  7. My cat is not saying anything for the subtraction button
    the method is not working

  8. you are almost the best channel for kids to learn scratch other poeople may be not helpful such as the scratch jedi

  9. THIS IS THE BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!! I do not even know how you remember all that coding!

  10. my subtraction didnt work but i guess thats fine

  11. Hi there,

    Great videos, I have done all the codes and the updated ones step by step and only the addition is working.

    If you could some how help me ASAP that would be great

  12. Hey there
    This game is cool but when ever I give the wrong answer it doesn't do anything

  13. thank you so much for helping me i was doing a math game that my entire school was gonna see as ine the primary lmao

  14. i also have a coding school but its lockdown thanks for helping me

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