Scratch Tutorial | Math Racing Game | How to make a math game on scratch -

Scratch Tutorial | Math Racing Game | How to make a math game on scratch

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Today we are working on this “Math Racing Game”. We took our Math Game and convert it into a “Math Racing Game”. Player will have to answer a series of math questions in order to make the Cat move. The dog is control by the computer, which move by itself. You want to get to the finish line before the dog.
Scratch Project –

Part1 –
Part2 –
Part3 –
Math Racing Game –

Prerequisites – you must finish Math Game part 1 to part 3 before working on this tutorial


  1. Hi. I am from iran and I watched your movies. ❤
    Thank you for your best videos but can you put this movies cod pleas❤

  2. hi can i ask if its possible if the questions are multiplying fractions questions

  3. hey im in need of help im tryinng to follow your tutorial but its hard to keep up. Can you perhaps show me your code

  4. I love your videos very much. It is a very good video. Amazing game

  5. Looks kind of stressful, trying to keep up with the computer! 😆

  6. Your videos are beautiful and your hardwork will repay you.Can we know your age ?

  7. Can we take a copy of the Math Game project and do this project?

  8. How do i get the writing to show in front of the dog and not behind

  9. Soooo kuch help bruh it helped me in my comp project lov ur vids bruh

  10. Hey can you send me a link to the part 2 of the math game? Thanks (the one that ended with the quit button) I Can't find it on your channel

  11. It's was really nice and creative Gosh u r so ahead it helped me in my project thanks btw I'm from India which country r u from I wonder if YouTube shows us only our regions videos or even beyond that

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