Sorting by Color and Size | Preschool & Kindergarten Math Games | Kids Academy -

Sorting by Color and Size | Preschool & Kindergarten Math Games | Kids Academy

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Toddlers, children in preschool, and kindergarten students benefit from early learning activities such as identifying colors, matching objects of the same color and sorting objects by color and size. This Kids Academy video provides instruction on these early childhood education concepts.

Learn colors for preschool with direct instruction and practice with the video teacher by identifying common objects with the same color. As children progress and master learning colors, the video then provides examples of sorting colors for preschool students and matching colors for kids. The learning continues as students practice sorting by color and size. Older preschool and kindergarten students benefit from practicing this skill.
Learn colors for kids and students will not only learn math skills such as sorting and classifying, but students also learn valuable language skills. Students not only learn the color names but also words such as “same”, “alike” and “different.” This is beneficial for your youngest toddler students too!

Sorting by size for kids is a valuable skill as well. Students learn even more words to describe objects in their environment and use higher-order thinking skills to classify objects in more than one way. Students use observational skills and make comparisons. Sorting is a foundational math skill that is mastered before moving on to more complex math concepts.
Sorting by color and size is a pre-number math skill that teaches students language and math skills. Extend the learning of this skill with fun, hands-on activities in the classroom. Using items that are in the child’s environment shows students that math is all around them. Sort children by hair or eye color, sort colored blocks and find objects that are big and small and sort them into groups. After watching the video and doing some hands-on activities, challenge your students to find other things to sort!

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