Subtraction for Kids | How to Subtract | Number Lines | KS1 | Math Games | Subtraction Games KS1 -

Subtraction for Kids | How to Subtract | Number Lines | KS1 | Math Games | Subtraction Games KS1

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Subtraction for Kids | How to Subtract | Number Lines | KS1 | Math Games | Subtraction Games KS1

Need support with different methods to teach subtraction for kids? One of these is the number line which is considered one of the easiest and most preferred methods.

Number lines are one of the different mathematical methods that kids depend on in different things; counting, adding, subtracting, etc. and since it is one of the easiest that one could depend on out there, it is sometimes considered a little bit difficult with big numbers and require the kids to go through some initial steps first ()

The whole idea behind number lines is jumping on the numbers on the line forward or backward – according to whether you are adding or subtracting – and the number that will be stopped at will be the final answer that is needed. If you have one-digit number in the equation, like 5 + 5, getting the answer from the number line would be easy, which will be the same with subtraction, such as 7 – 4.

There is a tricky part related to subtraction for kids and using the number line to solve it. The trick is when the equation consists of large numbers that counting them on the number line will never be possible and thus will need another possible way to be used. Partitioning is the thing that kids will need to follow at this point; if they have a number that consists of digits and units, they will need to partition it in order to be able to bring out the answer while using the number line.

If the mathematical equation that the kids will need to work on is for example 47 – 33, the kid should place 47 on the number line, and before counting, he/she will need to partition 33 to 30 and 3 to manage to work on that line. To make it easier, the kid could move back three large steps considering every one of the “10” and thus they will need to jump back three more steps on the number line and reach the final answer which is 14.

Generally speaking, number lines could be from the easiest mathematical methods that could be ever used with subtraction for kids, but sometimes when the numbers get bigger, the process might get a little bit more complicated and all that the kids will need to do at this point is keep practicing in order to master it all at the end ().

In addition to the number line technique used in math while teaching subtraction for kids, there are still other ways to depend on and make the process much more fun for them. Subtraction could be taught to the kids through play-doh (), kids could also learn subtraction with using candies () which will be very challenging for them because they will want to reach the point where they will eat those candies, there are also some mathematical lessons given to the kids through using their favorite toys like the Lego or the building blocks and which they love the most ().

Math could easily be part of the everyday life of your kid and this will happen through the way you tend to insert its rules in their life. When the kids are doing something with you, you could ask them to count something, remove a specific number from the ones already existing or even add to them and tell you how many are there – this will always give the kid the chance to think throughout the day and know how to solve the mathematical problems without worrying about how hard it will be on him/her or how much his/her mind will accept all these numbers and handle them.

Educational videos are helpful to let you follow up with the different methods used in subtraction and know how you are supposed to teach your kids this specific method you have seen step by step. Educational videos make it easier for you to understand the whole idea and try it all with your kids.


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