The BEST Pet Combo in Prodigy! | Prodigy Math Game -

The BEST Pet Combo in Prodigy! | Prodigy Math Game

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  1. I would comment mine but it’s a secret🤫

  2. I was an og (when members did not exist) and I was able to get two embersheds in there second form

  3. I have luminite (probably from before it’s member exclusive?) so I’ll probably use that as physical with something else

  4. Agreed, I currently use Terrosaur and Luna as my pets.

  5. Nice Video! Also, I agree. Physical and Shadow are going to be Op with the new battle update

  6. I'll have to disagree about shadow. Shadow is currently only powerful against physical type pets, not all types excluding astral. Also, burnewt is a bad choice as now, pets earlier in evolution are extremely weak. They have much less health, much less power, and much less accuracy. I would go for a pet that doesn't evolve at all.

  7. Hey how is 2 sivver tusk and lvl 75 and lvl 74

  8. Yess I have those pets but guys use nebula/eclipse and terrosaur if you are a member

  9. Guys you can also use bf magmayhem and gryphroom for shadow pets!

  10. Good tips, before the battle update I used the combo of storm+fire and ice+water

  11. omg guys use if you have Shivertusk use it immediately!

  12. I usually use eclipse and luna and I both know that their shadow element Epics (if you don’t know how I got eclipse I got during 2021 when the epic egg was still around)

  13. U can place all stones now I defeated the puppet
    master what do I do now tho?

  14. I use shardic and mimic but when I upgrade to member keeper and mimic

  15. Wait I thought you could still get embershed without evolving it or atleast thats how I got it

  16. Hey um what do you thinkt the best pet combo for members?

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