The Bizarre Lore of CoolMath Games -

The Bizarre Lore of CoolMath Games

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To celebrate 100k subscribers on YouTube, I go through the storylines of some of the top flash games found on ​@CoolmathGamesdotcom! I also might even take a gander at a certain ever iconic chef!

A lot of footage was taken from official walkthroughs from respective creators of these games, I highly recommend checking checking out anything that looks cool here!





⭐️Music Used (In Order)

~Character Select (Sonic Riders Zero Gravity)
~Where’s Iggy? (Moshi Monsters)
~Anaphora Falls (Scribblenauts)
~Retroville (Nicktoons Globs of Doom)
~PoptropiCon (Poptropica)
~Main Theme (Duck Life)
~Battle (Raft Wars)
~Main Theme (World’s Hardest Game)
~Main Theme (Fire Boy and Watergirl)
~Main Theme (Snail Bob 2)
~Suspense (Doom)
~Main Theme (Papa’s Burgeria)
~X-Zone (When Sundaes Attack)
~Main Theme (Bob the Robber)
~Main Theme (Cut the Rope)
~Shop 6 (Learn to Fly 3)
~Kauski (Johnny Upgrade)
~Main Menu (3 Pandas in Japan)
~New York (Cat Around The World)
~Toad Circuit (Mario Kart 7)
~Main Menu (Red Ball 4)
~Theme (Big Tower Tiny Square)
~Main Theme (Run 2)
~Pac Village (Pac-Man World 2)
~First Steps (Rayman)
~Title (Chameleon Twist)

0:00 Intro
0:59 Origins of CoolMath
1:36 98% of Games
4:25 Lemonade Stand
4:46 Duck Life
6:14 Raft Wars
7:10 World’s Hardest Game
7:21 Run
8:23 Fireboy and Watergirl
8:52 Hangman
9:16 Snail Bob
9:43 Papa’s Games
11:52 Bob The Robber
12:25 IQ Ball
12:44 Cut The Rope
13:04 Learn to Fly
13:37 Johnny Upgrade
13:55 60-Second Burger Run
14:09 Three Pandas
14:54 Cat Around The World
15:27 Wheely
16:18 Red Ball 4
16:39 Basket and Ball
16:43 Jelly Truck
16:49 Moto X3M
16:57 Big Tower Tiny Square
17:30 Crossbar Kevin
17:43 There Is No Game
17:50 Personal Favorites
19:00 Coolmath Games The Game!
19:50 Ending
20:53 A Big Ol’ Thank You

The Bizarre Lore of CoolMath Games (And Papa’s Games)t


  1. Soo, uhh I only heard of Hoodamath games website

  2. Hot damn, alot of these brought back alot of memories to me. Raft wars & raft wars 2 are some of my favorites.

    Kinda sad that thefe wasn't a mention of this one bomb it game i played alot on the site. It was literally just "pick out a bomb & blow up the guy to get him to a platform". It was simple, kinda stupid but fun. Sad that i can't remember what it was actually called.

  3. Honestly I really want to see a poptropica lore video. It’s either going to lead to the story being main character being endlessly tortured or the main character being god. Or both

  4. Well EXCUSE ME Choopo (if that IS your real name) because I had formative memories about Cat Around the Word

  5. Wheelie went hard I remember it so well

  6. I always loved the logic games – like Me and The Key, Factory Balls, 40 escape, etc. Would love a video about these!

  7. Ok, so there is no “Bizarre Lore”. None really whatsoever. And the game stories/plots you did talk about, you kinda sped through. Cool, thanks for the clickbait. Just make your titles accurate next time.

  8. Oddly enough, the hidden memory this unlocked in me was not any of the games but the fact that chinchillas are a thing that exist

  9. One of my favorite memories is playing Snail Bob on the family computer and figuring out the puzzles. Thank you for this video 🙂

  10. May you do a video on Littlest Pet Shops? As it’s comeback in 2024 please 🤗

  11. Of all things, Cool math games has lore. This is very unexpected

  12. duck life adventurre was on cool math games

  13. I LOVE COOLMATH GAMES: THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The Poptropica video would go so hard

  15. So Coolmath commissioned a whole crossover animation? It’s not verbally acknowledged, but…

  16. My first cool math games I played was this old taxi game with cars as answers to a problem and the red ball games and the pixel Santa one and a lot more

  17. Back when apps an games weren't after you spending more money but just 30 minutes of fun

  18. Overlord's new castle was cool, but uhh that one rpg game with the short main character was golden.

  19. I vaguely remember a porn game on Coolmath games. You had to search for it in particular. Something about a little green alien would sneak into a house at night and have sex with a woman. I want to say it was called snatch attack. It's why our school blocked Coolmath games.

  20. Hey, choopo, you will need to do a review for the M&m

  21. I still hop on Coolmath games to this day and frankly it’s an absolute banger to this day


  23. I spent every precious moment of free time in middle school on Run 2 just for the banger music.

    Let's hope that the soft reboot by Bungie goes well…

  24. I thought all pf these games came out in like 2013 and no later
    I swear on my life i played there is no game before 2020 but the mandela effect is a fickle thing

  25. Hey i like to see you do a looooooooore video of the google doodle and yes it is insane 🙂

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