The History Of Cool Math Games -

The History Of Cool Math Games

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If you didn’t spend hours in class playing Cool Math Games instead of doing work, did you even have a childhood?! Today, let’s dive into the history and origins of Cool Math Games- from it’s humble academic origins, to it’s legendary game series, to how it’s changed and evolved over time and what it’s like in the current day!

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  1. We did play any type of flash games when I was in school (cept in typing class but that was an elective) but I remember the class always trying to get our math teacher to tell us stories about his raccoons

  2. i don't really like TD games anymore but bubbles tower defense was one i really liked! the art was cute and simple with a few sequels ^^

  3. Oh gosh! Could I ask where you got that collar piece from???👀👀👀 It is superbly excellent

  4. I’d wager the social media thing is more because they’re targeting older players who grew up on those games and might come back for a bit or share it with kids – rather than them actually targeting kids in those channels

  5. Shitting on AI hobbyists out one side of your mouth and shilling Disney match 3 Gacha bullshit out the other. Do you actually believe in anything?

  6. my memories of playing orb, papa's -ria, and run are hitting me like a damn truck rn

  7. Of course you have spiked fucking clowning collar.

  8. I downloaded a flash emulator to play the papa's games again. The game files are on several websites and they work great!

  9. funny how i recognize lots of these games, but i had never heard of the site. probably mainly because i didn't get to use any kind of computer with internet access continuously until 2013~, and also because brazil and we didn't really have that kinda classes, i was lucky enough to have 'computer' classes but i honestly don't even remember them apart from trying to search for minecraft in the start menu to see if someone had installed it

  10. I think every Gen Z kid knows about cool math games. Seriously, I was born in 2008 and remember playing it all the time in elementary school. Just as well as some people born a whole decade before me.

  11. it's 2023, i'm 22 years old and still playing Fireboy and Watergirl with my friends in class
    btw the outfit for this video is so so pretty :]

  12. I still load CMG up and play Run when work is too slow at 26 years old :’)

  13. My fav game was Gluey and it is broken 🙁

  14. NGL, that creator is pretty cool xD Would love to have a teacher like her!

  15. I know that at least on iOS, you can buy each of the Papa Louie games for $2.79 CAD a piece

  16. OHMYGOD COOLMATHGAMES! I think that was the site I used to most when I was little. Run was my absolute favourite game and I was a BEAST 😂😂. Such a good nostalgia trip.

  17. ah flash game portal sites i used those sites so much thanks now i remember bloody pingu throw

  18. Watched this video while getting a blood test to distract myself and passed out 🙂

  19. Man I loved coolmath!! So glad I grew up in the golden age of flash games, but it makes me sad at the same time cuz I miss it😭😭😭

  20. i actually preferred st-math, and i played coolmath at home. i was a big fan of hotdoggeria, im not sure why

  21. does anyone remember coolified games??? i played 2 games on there, a paper styled plane pew pew game and a time-traveling panda HOG sort of game and at some point you encounter dinosaurs and frankeinstein (frankenstein's monster to be literature-ly correct)
    i hope these games haven't been lost to time

  22. As someone how plays regularly: pappa's freezeria plays really well, as do a lot of the older games like the chick series. the pizzaria one is pretty laggy, the cheezeria one is worse but that only just got remade and they're working on the bugs

    personally I really love a lot of the new games, like hexonauts, and the balance of old and new ones keep me satisfied playing and I love the site

  23. Praying for Oreo to find his way out of the Math Vortex and back to us 😔🙏

  24. Tricking the teachers? Haha yeah I definitely didn’t use Cool Maths Games to goof off on my work PC as a grown adult in my 20s… no siree

  25. a website about cool math games made by a cool karen is really fitting

  26. I don’t remember if Bloxors was in that site, but omg it was the only game I was interested in 😂

  27. I literally play bloons tower defence 6 like every day 😂

  28. i played fireboy and watergirl every chance i got in computer class for about four years straight before learning that you were supposed to play it with a friend lmao… using that as my excuse why i never got past the third or fourth level (and rarely past the first lets be honest)

  29. Drac on the garfeild shelf we LOVE to see it!!!!

  30. I did not expect the origin to be so wholesome 🙂 great video as always!!

  31. When I was in 2nd grade my teacher had us do 25 minutes of a math program called ST math every night after school but at some point someone must have been on cool math games and convinced her that it was an actual math site so for 2 weeks I just played cool math games instead of my math homework.

  32. 𝕊𝕖𝕝𝕗𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕗𝕚𝕤𝕙 says:

    I remember there being this one gingerbread house decoration game that me and my friend would play for the entire computer class

  33. //old lady voice
    In my day, slacking the hell off in the computer lab involved Apple IIs and Number Munchers!

  34. can someone send me links to the other 2 websites Karen made?

  35. BlueMaxima's Flashpoint just if you want to relive the old times


  37. hearing can your pet after all these years REALLY brought me back

  38. The fact the creator went to the same university I went to is🤯🤯🤯

  39. sugar sugar underrated cool match game gem

  40. I'm at that age where I'm both interested and horrified that there's an entire age of child internet exploration I am unaware of due to generational differences

    I literally cannot comprehend children having laptops in school

  41. I found out about coolmath before coolmath games

  42. i remember playing fireboy and watergirl in the back of class with my friend as we would both squeeze together as uncomfortably close as possible to both fit on one seat. he and i would always get yelled at midway because i'd die in the game and then scream at the top of my lungs

  43. As someone studying to be a teacher, Karen is my new hero and role model.

  44. I remember playing fire boy and water girl with my older sister when we were kids. What I’d do to go back to those days…

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