The History Of Cool Math Games -

The History Of Cool Math Games

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If you didn’t spend hours in class playing Cool Math Games instead of doing work, did you even have a childhood?! Today, let’s dive into the history and origins of Cool Math Games- from it’s humble academic origins, to it’s legendary game series, to how it’s changed and evolved over time and what it’s like in the current day!

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  1. I used to absolutely love the fireboy and watergirl games, but I never got anyone to play with me… so I’d move them in turns with each side of my keyboard, and I still enjoyed it immensely (even if it was a lonely task) 😀

  2. Everytime I try to play one of the papa games, it tells me that flash player isn't supported.

  3. I would love to see a video about candy stand. I used to lose so many hours playing games themed with candy.

  4. I remember CoolMathGames! at school the games are fun

  5. Yooo my sibling and I were playing a Papa's Pizzeria spin off just the other day – the sushi one!
    Those games still slap, I'm telling you

  6. this is my favourite look of yours fr <3 thanks for covering a nostalgia bomb

  7. love the video but could not stop hearing 'meth' everytime you said math LOL

  8. I remember seeing all the Papa games. Safe to say, he has the money needed to screw around in life, and somehow always finds loyal employees to take over when he does so.

  9. Does anyone remember the name of the game with the green slug?

  10. omg emoji blitz has been around since i was 16 i completely forgot it existed

  11. Coolmathgames has such a hold on gen z that I kid you not my work mates were playing fire boy and water girl 3 weeks ago on the work computer lol

  12. Rip to my like Level 65 Papa's Bakeria account. It won't be missed actually I only just remembered about it.

  13. When I went to Primary school, we had this ICT room where the teacher would basically go “Alright just knock yourselves out but make sure what you do is educational.” So of course being the good student I was, I played Run. I think the teacher caught on eventually that this wasn’t a math site but tbh? It was on a Friday, the last lesson before Golden Time- which, if you don’t know, was that one time of school where the teachers would let you get out the lego- and so I think she just gave up on teaching the class. That was over 5 years ago and I still play Run to this day ❤

  14. 9:10 my biggest flex is that I have completed all levels of all fireboy & watergirl games

  15. i started frothing at the mouth at Snail Bob THAT was the one i knew WAY too well by playing at computer time in like 1st grade

  16. i still to this day remember they blocked cool mathgames but because i had gone on run so many times i could start typing "run" on the top search bar and id get a link to the game, avoiding the block. ICT was never a topic i was really interested in (i was top of many classes so never fell behind) so the computer room was a really a place my and my friends would have fun together.

    Embarrassingly but funnily when i finished highschool / secondary school my ICT teacher wrote in my leavers note something to do with coolmathgames xD something like "i hope you get a good grade even after playing all those games"

    he was honestly a chill teacher, he knew people were playing games, he just made sure we did the work and understood it then let us chill.

  17. as someone who played papas freezeria for a while recently, the page would lag and occasionally crash because chrome didn't like how much memory it was using ✌️ simply thought it hated me

  18. My school ended up blocking the original coolmath, but left coolmath games completely open lol

  19. These games were absolutely my childhood man. I remember being forced to do math on some website on the computer, and promptly getting on coolmath and primarygames instead to play Papa's Pizzeria and Run. Probably why I'm so bad now because I never practiced or did any work whatsoever, but hey it was fun!

    Papa's Pizzeria was absolutely my favorite, idk why. I was just addicted to making stupid foods that were absolutely NOT what anybody asked for and being very sad when they didn't like it despite me not following the obvious instructions

  20. God this video unlocked one of my peak core school memories of playing Run 2. I was super into platformers so naturally I obsessively played it and challenged anyone who was sitting near me. Got to the point were I became the Run 2 King bc I'd play the skater in fast mode, generating a crowd of kids behind me when competition got heated. Truely the greatest honor an 8yr old could possess, what a fantastic time to be alive

  21. i convinced my fourth grade math and science teacher that papas pizzaria was a math game because it “has fractions in it” (cutting pizzas into a certain amount of slices). i did the same thing to get away with playing animal crossing and tomadachi life on my ds by saying they “teach you budgeting and money responsibility” while we were first learning about money

  22. My favorite games were always the papas restaurant games right now since the game has been made playable again I’m playing papas cupcakeria it’s my favorite of the papas games and I’m so happy it’s back

  23. I also only think of can your pet when I think of Ducks life. I’m scarred. Thought I was the only one.

  24. i love duck life. the duck life 2 theme is so nostalgic to me…

  25. I loved that coolmath games kinda did teach you stuff (like papa’s pizzeria teaching you time management etc) but they didn’t feel like learning stuff especially cuz I struggled a lot with math due to my learning disabilities

  26. duck life!!! i'd mostly forgotten about it until this video, but seeing the original site colours and layout brought it all flooding back even before it got mentioned! i was also a learn to fly kid (and the various other games of that kind, there was one with a paper aeroplane?), spent hours and hours on both

  27. 12:38 I remember playing this once as a kid! Once, for obvious reasons..
    I wish I had played Duck Life, it seems really cute! gonna search for it lol

  28. I remember being confused as a kid because the teachers would sometimes have us go on and play and there was no math games LMAO. Papas wingerea was a favorite for sure

  29. I'm not criticizing you for taking a sponsor, obviously you need to make money and your audience is old enough for critical thinking

    BUT, it's a little weird Disney is sponsoring content on this small of a channel. You're big for the audience you have, but I'm surprised you showed up on the radar of a company that size

  30. I see Izzyzzz is recording this video in the bunker

  31. this video becomes 200% funnier when you realize that 'math' sounds exactly like 'meth' in this accent xD

  32. On the school computers where I'm at, cool math games is restricted and no one can access it unless they know the password to get by the restriction and risk getting in trouble

  33. At my school cool math is still pretty big, a year or 2 ago they had to ban it on the school laptops cause kids were constantly on it. But the second they get home they're on that shit idk

  34. I don't remember ever playing on this website. I do remember we played Math Circus though.

  35. mentally, emotionally, and spiritually i am still 12 years old playing papa’s cupcakeria in my school computer lab

  36. i’m watching this while getting an ultrasound 😭

  37. I'm begging you PLZ make a video on Episode-Chose Your Story. I NEED TO KNOW THE LORE

  38. Honestly , all her websites are extremely helpful and I’m really impressed and want to see more of them

  39. thanks now im gonna spend my entire day playing papas games

  40. I taught until the end of last year and the kids still play cool math games!

  41. It's refreshing to see an internet site founder who isn't corrupt, money-hungry or careless. I wish Coolmath Karen the best.

  42. BLOXORZ!! That was THE game back when I was in 4th and 5th grade

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