The History of Coolmath Games -

The History of Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games
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The origin story for the greatest website the Internet has ever known 💙
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  1. I've began playing it ever since I was a little kid. Works best!

  2. bro my school my tech teacher play lemonade and im pretty sure it was on cool math games and well it got blocked after they saw i was playing it a lot

  3. I used to play Coolmath when I was a kid and when was in Elementary school. And Now since most of The flash games we’re shut down in 2020. I was a little shock about this, But I’ll be making sure to revisit Coolmath Website and other flash games I missed out as a kid for nostalgic memories

  4. 2008 to 2012 elementary school.Goodtimes

  5. ive been playing since i was 7 years old, so many memories made 🙂

  6. I wish y’all can add Color penguins to cool math again.

  7. I played this ever since I was two. Now I’m 12. You made my childhood. I love you and thank you

  8. I loveee cool math games, and one day I noticed it's blocked so I can't play it at school on the computers ):

  9. Fun fact (Cultural references I think):
    This video is an obvious parody of Bill Wurtz's video "History of the entire world (I guess)".

    But anyways I like coolmathgames

  10. My teacher lets me play this because it has the word “math” in it

  11. Why is the thumbnail based on bill wurtz's thumbnail of the histor of the universe?

  12. This is the best website in the world

  13. Seriously, every time I sit down in a Science class, everyone next to me or in front of me is secretly playing Run 3. So I joined in on the fun.

  14. I remebered when i was little i used to play it

  15. yall im sad it finally got blocked in schools.

  16. Its kinda sad that u falled. But you will be loved beacuse for the memories u made for us.

  17. Do a review of raft wars it is the best cool math games game

  18. Email address and I will also be able to use the email address for the other one in the world to be a student yes

  19. Yo that fishing game be fun and it doesn’t even teach you

  20. POV: you are in middle school with your cromebook playing fireboy and water girl with your friend

  21. Fun fact: scratch is basically a better coolmath without flash.

  22. The thing is, without flash, there is scratch. it much more better than coolmath without any flash games. overall I'm glad that coolmath is staying. I Wish scratch game replace as flash games.

  23. if you didnt use this website at least once u didnt have a childhood

  24. Whoever got the idea for the name cool maths games is a legend because most teachers thought it was math games

  25. Yo I love your games especially idle breakout, idle dice, and my old favorite idle start up tycoon my friend Rowan introduced me to this. Also why do you have a twitch channel ain’t this supposed to be a school related website

  26. Fire boy and lava girl gave so many memories

  27. Lime if you favourite game was TradeCraft

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