The Most BROKEN Coolmath Game -

The Most BROKEN Coolmath Game

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Today I talk about one of the most BROKEN games on Coolmath Games. No, not Run, Papa’s Pizzeria, or Bloxorz. In This video, we’re taking a look at Duck Life 3 to see what game breaking glitch has ruined it for years.


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  1. The fact this never happened to me despite always using flying duck is suprising considering I get lots of bugs in games out of pure unluckiness

  2. Damn, Bloxorz was my favorite

  3. It's still anoying that flash shut down now when I go on cool math I can't play slime factory

  4. i'm actually surprised i even remembered this bug happening, and finished the game 100% when i was 7 lol
    it happened once, but i've never come across it since

  5. How did you get cool math games if flash is gone ?

  6. my adult son played cool math games in class, After they got reported a few times years ago.

  7. Then just pick a strong duck or an athelete duck

  8. I was more of a Kongregate guy than a cool math guy growing up, so, don't expect me that I am not living life. Kongregate also had those nostaligic flash games. And to even go better, Duck Life 3 was sponsored by that website.

  9. Once called this game derpy duk, and i still do

  10. The best cool math games:
    1. Duck Life games
    2. Fireboy and Watergirl games
    3. Papa Louie games

  11. I remember our school banned this website…. AND THE DINO GAME

  12. Bro I played this game in school comp sci but I couldn’t ever finish it! The time was too short between classes

  13. do a video on bloxorz and then I will subscribe

  14. Glad I'm not the only one who has noticed!

  15. My personal favorite was Awesome Planes.

  16. 🙃I was a little too obsessed with Cool Math Games as a kid, they finally got banned from my school district!😭

  17. that's odd, i mean the game was a notdoppler game originally, so maybe when flash was still around there were no bugs on there

  18. I never understood how Duck Life works. I was always playing Run 1&2 for the most part when I booted up Coolmath Games

  19. I did not play Cool math games because it is blocked on my school computer but I found some other game websites and they have some of the games that are from Cool math games

  20. Question, so does this mean you can never actually get the flying duck if you’re playing the game and you choose the flying duck egg also the hooda math version contains the exact same bug


  22. dude, i found a glitch in duck life 2 by accident that makes the 150 limit non-existent, so now i have a level 300 duck called squeeky

  23. Before that the second part of the game went into a soft lock

  24. Papa's Pizzeria ❌
    Popgoes Pizzeria ✅

  25. Jack smith is the best game

  26. That banned cool math games on my school computer :’(

  27. It doesn’t have that glitch anymore, played it the other day (although I picked strong duck, idk if that matters maybe?)

  28. Huh?? I played duck life 3 on coolmath as a kid all the time and this never happened to me. And I feel like i would have encountered it because i always picked the flying duck

  29. Duck life 3 was always the best one. They better fix this

  30. Cool math got banned of the school computer

  31. I remember I once found a glitch in one of the games where I went to like a specific stage and excited it out without doing anything and it would give me money everytime

  32. I played duck life more than any other flash game at school at one point in time

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