The SECRET Tower in Roblox! -

The SECRET Tower in Roblox!

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We have to use our wits to escape this Tower…
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  1. Wait a minute why are they going down but the tower is going up???

  2. I just don't understand, even I can solve those problems, and I'm just a fifth grader.

  3. I chose paper give me Bobucks plz. My username is colown04

  4. Me in the back of the class while the smart kid answers all the questions

  5. They were just at 9.million and all ready at 9.1 million

  6. nobody:
    me:solving the | -5 | x | 8 / 2 | + | 3 | question before krew
    also me: POWER!!!

  7. kakegurui fandom au of krew.. WE SHALL RISE

  8. absolute value is the distance between a number and 0 in the number line. basically, it just changes negative numbers to positive😀.

  9. they woke up and chose death and dress up as kakegurui characters

  10. 8:13 im pretty sure the “i” was just an unknown number and I think the answer is 4 to the power of 2 = 16 and with the i it would just be 16i

  11. Am i the only person who solved that problem and got 23??

  12. Funneh: "MwAhAhAha..ah…ah…ah………..ah….ah…………ah" 27:45

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