The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List -

The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

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Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. Games I liked in no order:
    – All of artix games
    – Nanaca Crash
    – Burnin rubber 4
    – Metal Mayhem
    – Bombinators Multiplayer
    – Rat Shot
    – Super Smash Flash
    – BowMan 2
    – Road of the dead
    – Fortress games
    – Highway havoc
    – Spank the monkey
    – Smart ass mouse
    – Absolute Madness
    – Etherena Beta
    – FL Tron
    – Pico War Zone
    – Vector stunt

    Yes, I have all either downloaded or bookmarked. I have more, but don't remember them clearly enough…

  2. Elon plz gimme access to flash

    edit: at least learn to fly 3 is free on steam , plz dont change that

  3. i was expecting dino run to be in this video its a very good game

  4. Achilles, mine to china, vex, the henry stickman games, strike force heroes 😢

  5. Fun fact age of war has a console adaptation called castle storm unfortunately your stuck in the modevil age but there is factions you control the chicken smacker but it's a cross bow and can shoot multiple things

  6. how tf you gonna mention Toss the Turtle but not the game that its cloning, Kitten Cannon?? Also where's Riddle School??

  7. interactive buddy is like mutilate a doll/2 but worse

  8. Robokill, cyclomaniacs, raze, gun mayhem, sports heads, free rider 2 and bad ice cream are some of my favorites

  9. the green thing on cut the rope is om nom

  10. I remember being on a school computer and playing learn to fly on cool math sad to see learn to fly being locked away behind the “you can’t play this flash game”

  11. Does anyone remember that game where you had to destroy the enemies castle that was usually far away like sitting on a hill? You had regular arrows, fire arrows and I think Ice ones too. There were also catapults you could use to destroy the castle and little henchmen on foot that would take some time running up to the castle to try and destroy it. I cannot remember the name of the game but it was fun as hell I literally played it for days. I remember the horse guys would get to the castle faster- I believe this game was on kongregate..although I may have seen it on y8 a while back idk. I’m just trying to find that game again

  12. I'll always remember how I basically got my whole class to play the really long water slide game.

  13. Saw the fate of Miniclip in real time before Flash died and I can't tell if it's just sad or pitiful what it became. Thankful we have archive projects like Flashpoint to relive these nostalgic memories.

  14. me: sees learn to fly 2 in S tier "lets gooo"

  15. to miała być obiektywna lista, gówno mnie obchodzą twoje!

  16. Did anyone used to play superfighters? Very good flash game.

  17. Yall ever remember that game called Strike Force Heroes ?

  18. Need a list of the games per tier… Or timestamps? Where is our hero

  19. Have a few of my favorites in no particular order.

    – Hidden Dimensions Xyth
    – Fancy Pants (all of em)
    – Thing Thing (most of em)
    – Madness Interactive
    – Project Nexus
    – Earn to Die
    – Cactus McCoy 2
    – Mutiny
    – Cheese Dreams
    – Super Mario Defense
    – Accelerator
    – The Impossible Game
    – Sakarin Villapaitapeli

  20. I watched this video about 2 years ago and doing so now again has brought back so many memories. I don't see enough videos on YouTube about flash games. They were such a massive part of my childhood and adolescence. God bless you for making this video.

  21. there was a game like mario kart with animals and the loser was always thrown in mud.

  22. You missed a bunch of classics! Road of the Dead, Saga of the Dead, Rebuild series, Working Stiffs, Funorb games, Johnny Rocketfingers, Hobo Brawl, Hotdog Bush (the ORIGINAL before we got all the knock-offs in every appstore!!), Pandemic 2 (the ORIGINAL Plague Inc), The Insanity, Killer Escape, Don't Escape, Sonny series, Swords and Sandals, Project Princess, My Pet Protector Series, Adventure Quest (Artix Games series), Infectinator series, Sim Elf Date 2, and many more!

  23. Kinda surprised the Henry stickman series wasn't on here.

  24. Azil Baronis (took me ages to remember the name, hot space fighter shooting game)

    Gravitee wars (everyone loves this one)

    Hex empire (world conqueror type game)

    Steambirds (ww2 plane game)

    Armour mayhem (nice! awesome!)

    Rebuild (zombie game where u expand your walls)

    City siege 1,2 and 3 (save the civilians and blow shit up)

    Crush the castle (angry birds but trebuchet)

    Raze (classic)

  25. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about flash being discontinued… I wanted to replay these games on a whim recently. Now I’m really sad

  26. Motherload 😢 wish I could play that right now for nostalgia sakes

  27. Arent Battle of Britain Commando and Heli Attack just bad versions of Metal Slug?🤔

  28. Here’s a good flash game: Warthog flipper

  29. you can download flashgamearchive and play these games yourself

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