The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List -

The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

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Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. "Toss The Turtle" oddly reminds me of Tobuscus

  2. Seriously missing Hedgehog Launch on here. Also Bubbletanks. Really, a lot of the Armorgames catalogue

  3. In my opinion Bloons td 1 was THE BEST flash game

  4. Well, there is a reason it’s called “the world’s hardest game”

  5. Anyone remember that one game where you are in Medieval age fighting zombies? Gameplay is from a birds view.

  6. I sometimes have these flashbacks of a game where you use a wrecking ball to destroy cars on a racetrack…… Yeah i can't remember the name of it lol
    Flash games was the best back in the day

  7. how shower guys sounds like a cool website name

  8. I just found a game I loved playing as a kid, it's called stunt masters

  9. R I P Flash something something something to 2020

  10. "it's the only game I know of that lets you brutally assault ex president George W Bush."
    something tells me you were never on newgrounds in the early to mid 2000s

  11. What about jacksmith…
    That one was the favourite of mine

  12. Bro forgot to mention siegius, zombotrom, intrusion, plazma burst, test subject blue, house of wolves, barons gate, strike force heroes, DANG, HE FORGOT EVERYTHING ;——;

  13. Someone beat the just cause 3 record 10 months ago with a time of 2h 27m 57s, try beating that🤨

  14. ducklife 1 and 2 are really bad, 3 is kinda meh, but 4 is good and space is A tier for sure, those 2 games were my childhood

  15. There's also this thing called "Flashpoint" which saved all the flashgames if you guys wanna to feel nostalgic again.

  16. The music in the first couple seconds is my entire childhood I forget the name but I loved that game

  17. all the flash game devs deserve all the money in the world for creating masterpieces and creating so much childhood memories

  18. Many flying bird's wings are constructed of delicate, lightweight bones that help to lift the bird off the ground to reach flight. However, some species of birds such as the penguin, ostrich, and emu have heavy solid bones that make it harder for them to stay in the air.

  19. Stick figure games was my shit. Stick War for life

  20. Fun fact : You can still play Happy wheels to this day

  21. Heli attack was the absolute shit.. Putting it into C is an absolute disgrace.. More like Martinshithispants

  22. Anyone remember this game I played on kongregate it was a sailing game. And you could find treassures, fight ships, upgrade to better ones. The start was that you woke up on this dock. And some old Npc man helps you, etc. The main goal i think was to find a scepter?

  23. I know a game my tank crew played it was called fix the transmission they were bad at it

  24. Adobe all we wanted was to get the tank in age of war but you took it from us😭

  25. Where our bois Sonny, Sinjid and The Last Stand at

  26. Adobe all we wanted was to get the tank in age of war but you took it from us😭

  27. Everyone that talks about flash games, they dont talk about andkon. Am i the only one who played that sight? 😂

  28. That thing that you feed in cut the rope it’s named Om Nom

  29. Musics at the start were so nostalgic

  30. i played N on xbox 360 it was a free ver so it was bad but good

  31. 6:30 fun fact the naz never got to the british homeland however the fighting over the british sea was so bad it was considered the battle for Brittan for if the naz defeated the air defenses it was only a matter of time before they lost. Britain was running out of pilots like really badly the naz where too but for them it didn't matter as badly London was bombed nearly daily in fact like no joke the British were screwed without help the battle of Britain was a legit battle and would have 100% have been the end of the British if they lost the bit H was waiting until they had zero air defenses to start his attack at first he dident want to and thought it was way easier to try for peace hence the build-up yes he wanted it all but he wasn't going to do it all in one shot if the brits hadn't stuck to it they would be speaking german the main goal was to make the brits back off and consolidate resources to fight them, either way, the only way for the brits to win was to ask for help and keep fighting if they didn't fight the big H would simply assume your weak and go for you in about a year so really a lose lose

  32. Arcanists and onslaught 2 where some epic games as well.

  33. Alot of these flash ges are on the app store now witch is good

  34. idk if anyone can help me but i'm desperately trying to find a game in which you had to fight monsters i think and had multiple characters who were super tiny (therefore things that are average-sized in real life looked extremely big).
    it also had to do with art, had puzzles, and the thing I remember is most is the fact that you could stick to the walls in order to climb

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