They Are Coming! - Math Games (Freeplay, Original) -

They Are Coming! – Math Games (Freeplay, Original)

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Defeat all enemies and win!
They Are Coming! Rollic Games
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It’s a cool game I’m constantly having to close it out though and restart it which is quicker than waiting on the ad the problem is that the In-game currency is unobtainable 50 to 75% of the time depending on the day. Not all ads do this but sometimes an ad comes on and I immediately close it out because I know what’s going to happen and other times I know by the ad if I could escape it and still get my currency after viewing, so I watch it. In fact, I’ve downloaded a few of those. It’s disrespectful of my time and feels a little like theft.

I’ve obtained all that in-game currency allows me to buy anyway and I’m in the low 200s as far as level but I haven’t gotten to my next weapon yet which is kind of a good thing; It means I can keep playing this for a while. You just have to know that your time is not valued at all and immediately close out of the ads knowing you’re not going to get any In-game currency. It takes me less than 30 seconds to close the app out and restart it on the next level anyway

The game turns off randomly
Fun little game! Unfortunately, it will just turn off in the middle of playing it. It’s easy to just reload the game and keep playing, but it can be annoying. I paid for no ads, but even with that, I think I watched enough ads to last me a lifetime. There were definitely fewer ads but to get certain perks watching the ads is necessary. Today I went to open the game and it won’t turn on, just a black screen. I am going to try and restart my phone to see if that helps, but my other apps are working fine and all updates have been completed.

Paid to get rid of ads and still more ads. That’s a first
Kept getting ads for this game while playing another. Thot my 10-year-old would like it so I finally downloaded it. We both love playing it. But it’s like the other comment I saw here. You play 1 minute and spend 4 minutes watching ads to level up. If you don’t level up, you don’t pass levels. So I decided to spend the money to get rid of the ads. Well, they are not gone. The only way to level up your first chance is through an ad. Then you can use game cash. Feel I’ve been tricked. They got my real cash. By the way, I have paid to get rid of ads on other games and they were gone. Since loading the game and playing this was over the course of three hours when I decided to write this review. Fun game, but ad crazy. Back it off and people will stay and play. Admin adjusts monopolies to in-app purchases.


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