THIS will be the BEST pet in Prodigy! | Prodigy Math Game -

THIS will be the BEST pet in Prodigy! | Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Prince
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  1. I actually have mimic with water and shadow

  2. Tanky pets like shivertusk, Arcturus, etc dominate the meta right now. You also don’t want to have a team that has two pets both weak to the same element

  3. mimic is super good for early game and shreds the bosses. its also very easy to obtain aswel.

  4. I have both mimics:member mimic-more cool looking and powerful-reg mimic:it’s cool

  5. Why did he make his screen blurry like an downright idiot

  6. I hope I can get to level 100 before the battle update gets to me.

  7. Prodigy has actually made it so that Shadow is not powerful against all the elements anymore

  8. Physical currently does the most damage, making it the best. So terrosaur and embershed are better.

  9. Great video but I disagree. Prodigy has recently made is so that shadow isn't strong against all elements except for astral. I don't even think it is strong against anything, making it the worst element. The shadow spells it has also have pretty bad damage output but it is still better than before as it has a very good physical attack.

  10. I hate the battle update but I do agree with shadow and physical pets

  11. I have one of the most strongest pet

  12. a other words the mimic will have black magic

  13. Ayy I got mimic on my team he’s lvl 91

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