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Tiny Fishing World Record | Cool Math Games

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Try and beat my record in tiny fishing. Here is the link to the game


  1. I thought I had the world record 100qa money but good job

  2. I’m at 500 metres and it’s still seahorses

  3. Right now I’m at 350 meters and 350 fish 😭

  4. Wait that's the world record?But my personal record is 8.71MEdit: nvm it's only 871 waaaa😢

  5. ive been to were you are and then i gave up because i realized there was no new fish

  6. Check my youtube channel for my new tiny fishing world record!

  7. my goal is to set the new world record 😂 cuz i’m at 53 meters and 50 fish 🐟 and i play it when i have time in school so maybe i’ll get it lol

  8. dang i thought there were going to be more cool fish after the seahorse but no lol

  9. oh. its only seahorse after that? wow that sucks

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