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Top 10 Games That Teach Math

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel presents the Top 10 board games that help teach Math!

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  1. Please add Prime Climb to the list… It's a family favourite!

  2. Tom apparently you were a teacher of pretty much everything! Congratulations!

  3. I expected Stone Age to be on this list. Each time you want to get resources, you’ve got to manage how much workers you want to use based on the expected outcome of the dice you’ll roll. And once you do roll your dice, you use division to determine how much you get.

  4. Las Vegas The Dice Game is great fun, perfect for probabilities and accommodates lots of players. I know many teachers don't like the theme but it's just a simple area control game, it actually has very little to do with casinos.

  5. Hare and Tortoise/Around the Word in 80 days. VERY mathy.

  6. How on EARTH is Zendo not on this list? The way it makes you poke and prod and use logic and reasoning! So good. Even just providing counter examples is tremendous.

  7. Drop it? I dunno, do you have to know anything about the shapes to drop them? I don't think you learn that much in the game. And Queendomino, because you have to count points? That's not really mathy or specific to that game. Stone Age would have been a good choice for probability. I did like the other choices, especially Qwixx and Stockpile. And who would ever have thought a Fluxx game would show up on a top 10, but yeah what a GREAT game for kids to do math in a fun way.

  8. A lot of the commenters' suggestions are NOT taking into account the limited time you have in a classroom. Anything over 30 minutes or so is really just way too long. Tom's suggestions are great, FAST games that could easily fit into a traditional classroom. Just because a game is 'mathy' does not make it useful for a classroom setting.

  9. I was expecting ‘City of Zombies’ to be on this list, since it was quite favorably reviewed by Tom and it is really made to teach maths with a lot of fun. And ‘The hare and the tortoise’ is also a great game with plenty of maths involved. Nice to see Math Fluxx in there.

  10. The problem with saying the "Top 10 Games which teach MATH" is that there are so many different facets of math. I'm not sure about how it is organized in the States, but here in Canada we have: Number Sense & Numeration; Patterning & Algebra; Data Management & Probability and Geometry & Spatial Sense. So it would seem that your list seems to focus on the Number Sense and Numeration, but that does not do justice for "math" in the larger picture. So many other games which can teach those other strands.

  11. Also, it has been said by another viewer already, but I will say it again: Prime Climb. That would be the #1 for junior students. For primary students, I would say Tiny Polka Dot or Sleeping Queens.

  12. Sentient, try it, I think Zee love to play it whit you, the best Math game i know 🙂

  13. Take it Easy is one of our all-time favorite games! We have played it hundreds of times and never get tired of it – you definitely should check it out if you have never heard of it.

  14. I think most board games have elements of mathematics in them. It's no coincidence that many prominent designers have a strong mathematical background.
    When I taught high school maths and science I'd sometimes use board games but the class would often become too excited and rowdy! That was my fault though as I'm too easy going and not strict enough to stay in a teaching career.

  15. Haha, when I first played Sushi Go Party I called it 'Basic Arithmetic: The Game.'

  16. Stockpile: Knowing Some Knowledge.

  17. Math games for kids depend a lot on what operations they know. I’m looking for one that involves multiplication. Carcassonne is all I can think of.

  18. Simple math where's the advanced math games?

  19. I guess Troyes will be on the advanced maths list 😁

  20. Numbers League. It's a card game that is also has an app. I bought it at a thrift store, but was so lucky to find it! It's made especially to teach math, but fun fun fun!

  21. I didn't understand anything what he said just he said blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah that's it nothing else

  22. I'm surprised about EXIT as the No.1, didn't' play it yet 😀

  23. Please add "Orbital Velocity" to this list. There is lot of math and also AI.

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