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Tower of Scorched Sea Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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We find ourselves in a tower filled with various laser puzzle mechanisms. Some lasers turn on and off a variety of mechanisms, some can be walked on. You need to consistently pass sections of the tower in order to direct the lasers and climb up the tower. At the very end of the game, you need to defeat the boss. The game is not very difficult, but well done and very well thought out.

The game was made by famous indie game developer Casper van Dommelen.

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  1. There's a cut at 9:46 where you skip ahead; I wanted to see how you beat the part you skipped lol

  2. You are very good at making games rather than making videos.

  3. Personally I found this game very fun even though it took me around 3 hours of total play time to beat. Also I thought the puzzle at 14:19 was the hardest for me to do in the whole game.

  4. thankss!! 3:15 i thought u couldn't even touch the brown wood thingys-

  5. One of the best games I’ve found that used a flash engine, very amazing game for what it is

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