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Trace Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In this game, you have to get out of a room, or rather several rooms. The game is quite logical and if you are attentive, you can notice hints in books, objects and details of the interior. The game is quite long for an HTML game with a lot of puzzles. I really liked the game.


  1. I need help with opening the box (next to the light

  2. thanks for that i played that game for 1hd thanks

  3. I made it out the small room with all the stress of the world then I saw everything else outside and I gave up Fr 🗿🗿🗿

  4. I can’t find the straight line down on my keyboard for the 33:40 part

  5. i can’t open the box with the button at 11:06 and i’m confused 😭

  6. bruh it didn't let me open the box when I clicked on the button

  7. im confused on the stars and colors puzzle. how do those correlate to where you put them

  8. How in the world do you open the box to get the green key and blade. I am stuck 11:04

  9. I can’t do it I can’t get the box to open in the tenth minute😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. For the submarine part on the computer I'm lost because it says error, can't connect with robot, and robot not in valid position. Can someone help?

  11. Honestly my favorite cool math game. I've speedrun it and got 12 minutes. The puzzle was the only thing to trip me up, since the game doesn't let you get the pentagon key until you complete it

  12. nahh cuz i be doin this instead of school😭😭It be so hard but thankfully there is a walkthrough

  13. For anyone confused or stuck:

    The red heart on the ceiling has an arrow pointing to the left for the heart puzzle. This is applied in the puzzle, where all the RED hearts 'have an arrow pointing at the left curved side'. You need to redirect the white arrows shown on the movable hearts (which you don't have to worry about whether there's depth into it) so that they form a path with the 'hidden' hearts to the top right.

  14. I swear the victory theme after the math game was an 8-bit rendition of the Harry Potter theme

  15. Did anyone else have puzzle piece's disappear??

  16. At 11:00, how did you get it open?
    I've tried way too many times and can't get it.

  17. My question is, what do the two pot plants that you can click on in the bathroom do?

  18. What's the password on computer for home

  19. this is my favorite game on this website i even play it at school sometimes

  20. I just beat it it took 3 hours 39 minutes and 10 seconds and number of clicks is 4438

  21. why cant I figure out the light part its so confusing and no one else seems confused

  22. I could-Nt Do scrumpled paper lol

  23. How did yall find what stars went where on the color board

  24. I am literally stuck on the behind the painting puzzle. Every time I click the button on the guy's head, and then back out to click on the box, the box won't open. I've restarted the game like three times too.

  25. bro thanks i tried to speed run and i got 26min 3 sec bro thanks❤

  26. 35:52 it feels illegal to search up the answers to logic and puzzle games but i was doing this at school and i could not figure this part out at all💀

  27. i pressed the buttons in order and it didn't work please help

  28. Thanks for 770k views he forgot to get more

  29. what is the letters for the piano 28.06

  30. how do you get the last star out of the tube

  31. The most frustrating two weeks of my life during which I got no work done. I also couldn't let go. Thanks to your videos I can put this puzzle to rest. I will never go back on coolgames ever again. Most difficult puzzles ever.

  32. could anyone else not crack the 4 digit code at the beginning or am i just dumb

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