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“Turning The The Dot & Box Game Into A Math Game!”

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Hey guys!! I can remember playing the dots and boxes game and thought about making it even more fun by putting numbers into the boxes before the game starts. So, here are the rules:
1) Someone starts the game by connecting two dots. (must be horizontal or vertical – not diagonal)
2) The next person takes their turn
3) When someone connects dots to complete a box, they get the points inside the box
4) Turns alternate even if you complete a box.
5) The person with the most points wins!!

Here is the link for the template.
You can fill in your own numbers!! Have fun!!

Hey guys! I have created my own Number Dots & Boxes Game Book on Amazon!!! Now you can have a paperback book of 99 game pages of these fun games.
Numbers Dots & Boxes Game Book Link


  1. Than you very much. This will be very useful for me when I visit the earthquake victim kids (Turkey, 06.02.2023).

  2. I use the same idea with my Year 7 students but I add negative numbers!!!

  3. I can see putting some operations in the boxes, or positive and negative numbers, or, practicing adding/subtracting fractions.

  4. Trxilt is a new 5 minute strategy game. says:

    Great game! The Trxilt game takes it even further: Dots are connected with lines. Game pieces are activated! Game pieces are worth 1 to 9 points. Points are scored when an active piece is used to capture another active piece(s). When each player has created 30 lines or when there are no more scoring opportunities the game ends. The player with the most points wins.

  5. This is a cool twist to the game…loved it 💜

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