Useful math tricks for School #Shorts -

Useful math tricks for School #Shorts

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What is your favorite school subject? I really love math! Mathematics is the science and study of quality and structure.

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  1. İt's not a mistake ✨ İt's a masterpice ✨

  2. The normal ways are easier, quicker, and actually work with all numbers. Besides, why not just use a calculator?

  3. Even easier way than this: multiplication leads to 3 digit number.
    Number at 100th place is One less than the multiplication factor.
    Number at 10th place is 9.
    Number at unit's place is last digit of what you would get when you multiply the number at unit's place
    (Like 99*6= 5 9 4
    (4= 9*6= 54)

  4. There was no need of that hand trick . It is so simple to remember it . Even a kid knows what is 7 × 9 .

  5. A star has 5 ends. A square has 4 ends. A triangle has 3 ends. A line has 2 ends. But a circle of our friendship has no end. Send this to all your friends (including me if i am one) If you get 5 back, you're a goodfriend. If you get 10, you're popular. If you get 15, DAMN I'M JEALOUS!!😂😂

  6. The fact here is that is it applicable to all the numbers ?

  7. It is much easier to memorise the multiplycation tables. It is eary to do division and ofc multiplycaion

  8. Who the fuck uses this, I mean when was the last time you needed to use the table of 99?

  9. After these tricks i failed on my own maths

  10. This is dumb and you won’t need it it’s useless and stupid just pay attention in class and you won’t need to know this stuff

  11. Даже я такого не знаю, хотя математика в школе была отлично

  12. me who can mental calculate and saw this video:" I am 19 dimensions ahead of you"

  13. Who in school asks for the table of 99? And why do you have to put so much mind into multiplying, go by remembering the table.

  14. Это не удобно

  15. I solved em much faster….

    With calculator

  16. really helpful i needed all those extra steps just to use up more of my time

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