Using Video Game Principles to Improve Math Scores | Raj Shah | TEDxHilliard -

Using Video Game Principles to Improve Math Scores | Raj Shah | TEDxHilliard

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Raj Shah has spent more than a decade developing ways to link video game concepts with the experience students have in the math classroom. He believes that if kids are happy playing challenging video games for hours on end, then it proves they have the two things you need to be successful in math: problem solving skills and perseverance. Raj shares five simple video game design principles in the classroom to make math as exciting as video games. Founder, Math Plus Academy This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. The concept of school is amazing, unfortunately it does not work too well…

  2. As the saying goes, "Two heads are better than one." This is because there is a good relationship between Math and Economics. Let's think Math is an interesting field just like a video games, such as World of Warcraft. And so eveyone love Math and are likely to play with Math all night. But, it is not true Math is interesting and it may come from a Panthora there is small number of mathmatic geniuses and thus they earn money to eat delicious foods as a lunch. However, I strongly believe that Math is useful.

  3. The problem I can't solve is why every TED video can break my ears with the intro but then whisper the rest of the video

  4. Something like 85% of gaming culture is about cheating. This tends to bleed over into any attempt to gamify non-gaming systems. Especially systems where scores are compared between participants, like education.

  5. I'd love to have your ideas in my school

  6. Its about flipping time. I wanted to learn math but the way it was presented the concept was like uhhhhhhh. Where as this way would be helpful. Some of us whom have been clincally diagnosed with discalcula do desire to get better math skills so it makes sense. Id spend the hrs playing a video game that would teach me how to do better math.

  7. Dr Seuss (colourful) Books
    3:15 Sudoku puzzle, Strategy Game
    5:50 Playing Video game releases dopamine
    6:30 Game = Voluntary Acceptance of unnecessary obstacles
    7:50 In Game, you don't figure out much. You just dive in and, Learn more about it by playing it

  8. if after watching this video you too think this guy have math gene…

  9. I love math but I'm not good at it.

  10. Damnit when can we get an actual video game designer to do one of these?
    None of these people really know much they're talking about when it comes to video games.
    If I want to learn about the applications of video games I want to learn about them from somebody who's played them and makes them, not a math teacher.

  11. Funding and having a competitive business environment for it. I remember when my son was in elementary grade I have researched lots of math video games and for each one of them I have always wished that they could have better fund backing and be in a competitive video math game environment as it could use a lot of improvements and the potential was there. The video games was around in the backdrop but it needs such support. Hope this TED presentation will push it through. Mr. Andrew Yang are you listening? Thank you.

  12. 8:51 Hence why FromSoftware and developers of other Souls-likes need to implement well tested and considered "Easy" modes.

  13. The examples are still bland. Can you use the video game principles to make it fun and visually stimulating?

  14. But is a little kid at primary school capable of accepting the existing of negative numbers like are they capable of receiving complicated information like this I mean I 'm at high school and still incapable of believing that we can divide numbers on 0 . even calculator says its" math error" and I have to calculate and it equals infinity ∞.

  15. Broccoli is Soo good though

  16. I am completely fine doing any other subject but math. I only hate math.

  17. So what he is trying to say is
    Gamers rise up

  18. I often skipped homework to play RPG games. Those games taught me proportions, that the D20 is a 5% increment. Heck the inverse square law was in a set of sandtable war game rules as well. I got the practice from the games, not the homework. I solved word problems without even thinking about them…..

  19. Wow, amazing, I used to do math like that but needed to write the other way so the teachers could mark as correct.

  20. 2:12 Yes, this is what any decent parent does. Unfortunately, many parents take their kids out, see what they like, then force them to do something else. This almost always happens because of unfounded biases. Some parents think they are helping their children to succeed, and to the degree that they become educated and literate, this is true. But forcing them to take up hobbies and dreams that are not part of who they are doesn't help anyone, and in fact causes much strife in the world.

  21. Raj shah sir.
    Very much impressed from you.
    Plz write a book

  22. Many people hate math, but we never live without math 😎😎~


  23. " Maths is losing to broccoli "

    Best thing I've heard in my entire freakin life!!

  24. Pls add subtitles it is useful for more people

  25. Yo I love math and that subtraction trick was the fuckin bomb

  26. if they don't get the dopamine hits then they don't get addicted to meth… I mean math.

  27. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  28. Wow learned a few tricks from this video, good going raj, good luck !

  29. Can the math teacher teaching math with video game by calculating the dmg and try to achieve them. That will be an awesome experience for student…

  30. I like the VIDEO and l will implement maths games I'm my School

  31. I like the tricks . I will implement maths games in my school also.

  32. the only problem with this talk is the cold-affected and nose dominated tone of Mr. Raj Shah, which at times hard to follow and understand ….. better to talk with mouth instead of nose!!

  33. The given problems and solutions are very interesting

  34. This video is for task for techers to implement english fluency in school's. Its ok but l am not getting answers in ds video.

  35. Subtraction in different method is attractive

  36. This is very useful like ABACUS method .

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