VISUAL MEMORY TEST | Train your visual memory - Video 6 -

VISUAL MEMORY TEST | Train your visual memory – Video 6

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Train your memory with this video. Each test increases the difficulty, in a total of 8 tests. Are you able to overcome it? Check how your memory works. Train your memory with your friends and family. Have fun with more videos like this, in WIKIFUN.


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  1. At no. 5 because this is not in this video.

  2. for toddlers too no comment kids be sad if you make comment videl the comment video is for adult

  3. Brain teasers are so important. Thanks for this one! 🦄🧩

  4. I don't remember seeing the image that is in the middle of the bottom row.

  5. Mrs. B's class says #5 was not in any video! 🙂

  6. Yeah! I guess my visual memory is good but…Is there a different part of my brain with a different memory where I have short term memory hearing things? Lol and yes the Igloo didn't appear during the video. Heh

  7. 3dplanet100: walking and tours videos says:

    For me, the easiest part was the extra test, "which image was not shown" and is the 5th image. Am not too good at remembering the image locations, but I think am good at remembering which images are shown.

  8. Room 6 think the extra image was number 5! 🙂

  9. En Aitken CreeK PS, creemos que es NÚMERO 3. GRACIAS

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