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When You Get Caught Playing Cool Math Games

Dylan Zitkus
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  1. ok this ain't true, i tried switching tabs but my teacher saw the cool math games tab..

  2. Its all fun and games until the school blocks the website

  3. I would make my own window tab for gaming and the other for random shit to make me look like I’m working on something

  4. Nah man I'm literally the whole reason cool math games got blocked in my school😵🔫

  5. dmrjhrjrhrbskuendjdhfbvmufhrndkxudjjdhfjfidjeksjns says:

    Im kinda sad that my school district band cool math games and every other games 🙁

  6. I also do this too cuz I can play fnf on my computer at school and I do that

  7. My classmate was making music in The class on his pc and The teacher allowed him bc he was good then this other kid came and tried making music and The teacher said turn it off! Then he said but he is allowed? Then The teacher said bc he is good !

  8. Wait do you go RockHurst highschool because we I use Alex too

  9. Well now ther is a thing called go gardin so………. we cant do that no more wich sucks

  10. So true
    Soooo was coolmath that popular?

  11. too bad theres an app where teachers can see your screen now 😞

  12. Everybody gangsta till the teacher gets on lan school and watches your screen when u get back on games

  13. I’m sad because my school blocked almost any fun game website, but the one that hit the hardest was cool math

  14. I’m sad because my school blocked almost any fun game website, but the one that hit the hardest was cool math

  15. Now that I’m in highschool I have evolved from coolmath I know play .io games 😎

  16. I like cool math games my favorite game on. Cool math games is run aka the game you are playing.

  17. Snotty boy: switching tabs manually
    Tighten: using CTRL + 1 (any number of tab) to change tabs quickly
    Metro Man: Alt Tab

  18. I’m so sad my school blocked cool math games

  19. *puts hand on shoulder* "Now, what should we be doing right now?"

  20. Game name :run. Ive been trying to find it for a Thousand years

  21. The got gogaurdion now so they can see what we doing now but that ain’t stop me

    I only got caught once and that gave me lunch detention

  22. Our teachers have something called net red where they can see the screen on their computer it’s so annoying

  23. Ctrl TAB move to other tab, no worries. Ctrl W closes tab.

  24. I used to be the best in the school t awesome tanks and speedran hardmode and got it in a pretty fast time (don't remember what) until the blocked coolmthgames. Like who does that?

  25. i used to do it all the time in school lol

  26. I do this all the time in elementary school and they never find out🤣

  27. honestly, you can make this even easier. all you have to do is take the game tab to a NEW WINDOW, then if you wanna keep switching just do alt+1

  28. This never worked with my mom when I was doing online school 😢

  29. Everyone at my school played clicker heroes on cool math, but the teacher would always catch them because they were clicking but I just got an auto clicker to do it for me never got caught

  30. My elementary school once had a sub in 5th grade. He said we didn’t have to ask to use the bathroom. My best friend left 10 times before it was 9:15!!! We also played that exact game

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