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When You Get Caught Playing Cool Math Games

Dylan Zitkus
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  1. I did that and then my teacher would look on their go gaurdian and i was in trouble 😭😭

  2. You should've played prodigy instead. Prodigy is so fun.

  3. What's the name of the game I swear Ive played it so much but can't remember the name

  4. Dude this brings back memories to 4th, 5th and 6th grade when the teachers would let us on the computers and everyone was playing Run 3.

  5. I swear back in the day run three it was fortnite back in the day

  6. If only I could relate to that GoGaurdian annoying

  7. See my school actually band cool math games and a variety of other games, they made it so we couldn't access the games when we used school WiFi. They also band figet spinners and kazoos. Don't ask about the kazoos one, my friend did something that made the school want to band them

  8. The boys in my class from 5th grade did this, and this is so true whenever the teacher try to catch them they can’t so they just said ‘’dumbass teacher’’

  9. Wtf I was playing the same game run 3 in my 7th grade class today on coolmath games

  10. I forgot what that game is but I remember playing that and moto x3m

  11. Cookie clicker friv and cool math got banned from my school

  12. Nooo I’m in fith grade right know and that’s all we do in my class I mean we’ll besides scaring people in the bath room and sneak making tik toks and go on poke and 3 d paint and swear

  13. I’m in high school and I’m still doing this

  14. Did this at school all the time I just be on youtobe AND LET ME TELL YOU I HAVE GOT COUGH SO MUCH TIMES BUT ONE Time it was my friend

  15. Tip if u don't want ur teacher to see ur browser with hapara she can only see things off of Chrome anything else she can't see

  16. Sometimes I would pin the CMG tab so it would be smaller so I have a smaller chance of getting caught

  17. I have to say run 3 is the best game in coolmath in my opinion you can’t tell me otherwise

  18. At my school they have gogaurdian but they can’t block the app.

  19. Anybosy elses school use this thing called go-gaurdian? Basically they can see our tabs and close them or lock our browsing. The good days are over sadly.

  20. Me who does multi-split-screen on an iPad: I’m 4 dimensions ahead of y’all

  21. i literally always wonder how my classmates didnt get caught playing cookie clicker and when the teacher comes THE TEACHER DOESNT EVEN SEE THE COOKIE CKICKER TAB

  22. I did that in 4th grade when I was young so fun I switched tabs alot to go youtube

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