WORST PET AWARD GOES TO ?? Prodigy Math Game| Prodigy Math Game WORST PET TYPE 2020 w/1DoctorGenius - monstrousmath.com

WORST PET AWARD GOES TO ?? Prodigy Math Game| Prodigy Math Game WORST PET TYPE 2020 w/1DoctorGenius

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WORST PET AWARD GOES TO ??? Find out what the worst pet type in prodigy, its weakness and strengths, and more – 💯 Subscribe for more prodigy tutorials on catching rare pets and more –
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  1. Water pets, while they are the worst type, some of those pets can counter those weaknesses with some of the spells they have. Flikflit and Serrazag, as well as Creela and Mermina line and Squibble line and Diveodile can counter Storm with their ice spells, Gnawdy and Crookfang can counter Plant with their fire spells. The worst pet is Mimic.

  2. the best water pet, is probably the crookfang. Well it does not have the best health , but the attacks it has are insane to everything at LVL 100


  4. All pets have 2 elements that they are week against because shadow. But water pets have 3.

  5. DUH, the Sezzarag is only level 67 while the scally is level 83

  6. you are the worst every pet is good when it on level 100 you are the worst

  7. 1DG: And it will take me more attacks than usual…
    Me: but you have ice attack moves, thats powerful against electric

  8. Wow I learned a lot! Even though water can take down fire, the pet that does literally the most damage in the game yet it's still weak wow did not know you are a boomer

  9. 1:02 i always go to harmony island and bonfire spire so water is useful

  10. When I picked Mermina and it’s level 51

    and i am gonna get membership

  11. He literally had a water pet in his loadout

  12. nah earth is the worst because its weak against the strongest type fire

  13. But terrasour has a low amount of health

  14. And turn serra zag has an ice type move

  15. Grr. My classmate told me to get a water start pet

  16. if you will keep makeing theses videos then stop playing prodigy i mean gosh i lovve water pets and inside i feel like i been just bullyed.. so dislike! >:(

  17. Water pets are like one of the best pets in my opinion. They aren’t as weak as he explains it.

  18. Hi I'm Whimsy the Wiz Bang I Make Stupid Videos says:

    It's actually plant and storm

  19. Hi I'm Whimsy the Wiz Bang I Make Stupid Videos says:

    Mimic: am I a joke to you!?

  20. Wow u really dont know much about Prodigy elements. Plant element is weak against Fire and Ice while powerful against water and Ice is weak against fire and storm while powerful against Water and Plant. Fire is the strongest element as its powerful against all elements while neutrull with storm and weak against water.

  21. In my team I have Mystyyk and Frostfang are they good?

  22. 1:51 Omg when I saw Peeko in gray that made me remember how they got removed 2 years ago. I have Peeko and I feel bad for people who want Peeko because they are no longer available. (I joined in 2018 so I was able to get it as a starter pet.)

  23. Excuse me but none of the pets in the game are bad all the pets in the game are strong in there own ways

  24. no earth is weak upon ice and fire duh

  25. Thank you for making this video because you had thought me witch element is the weakest and you had missed the element astreal element and you missed chill and char and also tidus

  26. i have an aureate on my team, which is a water pet
    it’s level 86 i believe, far below the rest of my team (im level 98 and my flyger’s 97?) and i beat a level 95? titan with just it

  27. I have the water pet but it's not evolved has no types that you can't defeat

  28. Your videos are so helpful thank you for making this video

  29. I do want to be mean and all but you say that the water pet is the worst pet well it is not because i have that pet is just fine , but still you send helpful videos.

  30. Water destroys the best element in Prodigy.

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